Strengthening the Travel & Tourism Workforce

Helping Workers Enter and Stay in the Industry

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Strengthening the Travel & Tourism Workforce

The power of travel is unmistakable. It is indisputably essential to driving economic growth and job creation across the United States – not to mention to driving personal satisfaction.

Yet, the industry’s success continues to be threatened by ongoing staffing shortages, which never fully recovered after the pandemic. Communities are now asking the question: How can we build and retain the travel and tourism workforce?

To better understand this audience, DCI surveyed more than 500 people across the United States (ages 20-60) who work in the lodging & accommodations, food & beverage, retail & attractions, entertainment, tour operator & outfitter and destination marketing sectors.   

This inaugural report is an extension of DCI’s national research study on the behaviors and preferences of relocating talent, “Talent Wars,” which is now in its seventh edition. It is intended to provide insights on how destinations and their stakeholders can better advocate for changes to workforce policy as well as support existing and potential workers. 

DCI offers “Strengthening the Travel and Tourism Workforce” for download free of charge. Simply fill in your information below! 

Have a question about this study or other custom research? Reach out to DCI’s SVP of Research Robyn Domber at [email protected]. If you are interested in discussing workforce marketing needs, please contact DCI’s VP of Talent Attraction Patience Fairbrother at [email protected].  

Cover of DCI's report on Strengthening the Travel & Tourism Workforce

Strengthening the Travel and Tourism Workforce

Helping Workers Enter and Stay in the Industry

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