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What Gen Z and Millennials Look for in Jobs and Locations

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How Can Communities Attract the Next Generation of Talent?

As millennials and Gen Z become the largest generations in the workforce, companies and communities are turning their attention to attracting this talent to their regions.

To gain a deeper insight into what influences career and location decisions for this rapidly growing workforce segment, DCI conducted a survey of 1,000+ individuals (ages 19-25), asking questions such as:

  1. Where are you most interested in looking for employment opportunities?
  2. What are the most important factors when considering where you’d like to live?
  3. What tools would be most helpful to you when considering a move to a new location?

For answers to these questions and strategies on how economic development organizations can help local employers attract and retain tomorrow’s talent, download the full report.

Hear from recent graduates and college students as they share thoughts on staying in their college communities versus relocating to a new city.

Hear from recent graduates and college students as they talk about the resources they use when searching for a new career or evaluating new locations

Hear from recent graduates and college students as they weigh in on which factors are most important while making post-graduation location decisions

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How To Reel In Tomorrow’s Talent

Discover the top factors influencing location decisions of recent graduates.

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