A View from Digital Influencers in the Era of COVID-19

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They are #stillworking.

While many influencers have lost work over the past few weeks, others are looking at ways to adapt to the new reality. DCI decided to find out what’s going on exactly. We conducted a survey of digital travel influencers whom we regularly work with to find out how their work has been affected. A View from Digital Influencers in the Era of COVID-19 is a concise summary of these findings that will help guide the path to working with influencers during recovery efforts.

Among the 40 respondents, we found that most (88%) have had projects cancelled over the past weeks, due to COVID-19. They aren’t down and out just yet. Many report pivoting their skills on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to other subject areas, helping them to stay afloat until travel becomes possible again.

They are eager to get back to work and hopeful about the future, however changed it may be. In this report, digital influencers also share their thoughts on the future and what a post-COVID-19 world might look like for their profession. The free report is available below.

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A View from Digital Influencers in the Era of COVID-19

DCI's original research highlights how digital travel influencers were affected during the pandemic and how they are preparing for the future.

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