About Sierra Brown


Sierra joined DCI in 2016 from Yelp’s marketing team. She brought with her best practices in destination marketing based on her time at the Queens Economic Development Corporation and Queens Tourism Council, where she worked on tourism education and social media initiatives. Her editorial instinct, which she applies each day at DCI, was cemented at some of world’s largest media companies including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Condé Nast, NBC, the New York Times and Time Inc. Sierra is an alumna of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and Spelman College.

Sierra’s Passion for Places

Sierra is a lifelong traveler and has visited nearly 30 countries. Whenever she travels, Sierra makes a point to engage with as many locals as she can and often comes away with enriching friendships.

While living in London, Sierra regularly attended lectures at the London School of Economics focused on international relations and current events. She loves learning about the world and how tourism can be used as a powerful tool for economic development.

Notable Results

  • While working for the Queens Economic Development Corporation, Sierra retooled the organization’s tourism Instagram account and more than doubled its followers. She increased the organization’s Twitter followers by more than 25 percent and tripled follower engagement.
  • In partnership with the Queens Tourism Council, Sierra created a mixer to introduce local influencers to exciting attractions in the borough. Her most recent event had a 90 percent attendance rate among those invited, including bloggers, writers and civic leaders.
  • While working at Yelp, Sierra was responsible for conceptualizing and writing the Queens Weekly Yelp e-newsletter, delivered to more than 368K subscribers. She was named one of Queens’ 40 Under 40 rising stars by its largest newspaper group.
Sierra Brown at play

Up Close

Sierra is a day trip and local adventure aficionado. She often plans her travel around annual arts, fashion and theatre events. She loves off-Broadway, selling wares on eBay and idyllic afternoons along waterfronts and at parks. Sierra also supports a variety of volunteer projects.

Where You’ll Find Sierra on the Weekend

A native New Yorker, Sierra has always had fun and fascinating experiences at her finger tips. She can be found eating at restaurants in city’s outer boroughs, on art crawls and going on spontaneous trips around the east coast.

Places Sierra has called home

New York, New York

Atlanta, Georgia

London, England, United Kingdom

Surprising Facts about Sierra

  • Sierra has always been a huge fan of house music. In middle school she would buy imported compilation CDs, something she continued to do through college. She regularly plans her travel around music festivals and concerts and is especially a fan of UK and Swedish electronic music. She has a growing interest in soca, 70s rock and afrobeat.
  • Sierra still frequents public libraries and has more recently gotten into the habit of renting foreign films. She finds this to be an entertaining way to engage with the people of the world when she’s not traveling. She also loves traversing the aisles and discovering interesting reads.
  • Sierra comes from a very small family – so small, in fact, that she is her maternal great grandmother’s only great grandchild. Coming from a small family meant that Sierra learned to be independent early on, now something she considers one of her strongest attributes. Sierra is also incredibly moved by small animals, many who served as her play siblings growing up.