COVID-19: Place Marketing Resources for Response and Recovery

DCI’s purpose is to elevate the lives of people living, traveling, and working in the places we serve by engaging our passions for travel, exploring new cultures, and doing good.

We are focused on elevating and guiding our destination partners and have created a series of resources, counsel, best practices from the front lines, and stories of inspiration from around the world. We continue to stand both #TourismStrong and #EconDevStrong.

Recovery Resources:

General Resources:

Economic Development:


Business Events & Tourism:

Industry Insights


A Tale of Three Cities: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Seattle, Toronto and Columbus


Stay Home: A Simple Message


From the Front Lines: Are Companies Pausing Site Selection Decisions?


Positive Approaches to PR During Coronavirus

Julie Curtin

President, Economic Development Practice (303) 627-0272 [email protected]

Karyl Leigh Barnes

President, Tourism Practice (212) 444 - 7123 [email protected]

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