A New View: Travel Marketing Past the Peak of COVID-19

DCI Insights Report November 10, 2020
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Looking Towards Recovery with Travel PR and Journalists

As spring ushers in warmer weather, the COVID-19 pandemic has hardly subsided, but containment efforts have proved effective. SATW and DCI partnered up again to survey travel PR and journalists in the U.S. and Canada to understand how they are coping as recovery efforts are on the horizon.

This second study builds on the results of our previous studies, published in March 202. It offers travel industry professionals a unique opportunity to witness the changes as they happen.

While the previous reports provided hope, this study confirms it, helping DMOs and travel PR professionals to understand how travel writers will figure into recovery efforts – and vice versa. Travel professions in media and PR will still be there for the most part, but the way they approach their professions has changed for the foreseeable future as we all figure out how to operate in this new post-COVID-19 world.

The study below is available to download for free and is broken into three parts. Part 1 will address the travel media, while Part 2 will look at results from the travel PR study. We’ll put them in conversation in Part 3, to see what lessons the tourism industry can learn from this crisis and our handling of it.

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A New View: Travel Marketing Past the Peak of COVID-19

SATW and DCI conducted a second round of interviews with travel PR and journalists for an update on how they are faring during COVID-19. ***By accepting our privacy policy below, you're also acknowledging that your name and email will be shared with SATW***

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