A New View: Travel Advisors Looking Beyond COVID-19

DCI Insights Report November 10, 2020
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Travel advisors are getting back to work.

DCI followed up its March 2020 study on travel advisors with another round of surveys in May.

We reached 362 travel trade workers in the U.S. and Canada to find out how they are managing their work as COVID-19 eases its grip on the travel industry.

The findings of this study offer destinations an updated understanding of the obstacles faced by advisors in the short-term and guidance on how to frame the destination’s response.

Looking ahead, in the long-term, the results will lead to constructive solutions and opportunities tailored to meet the needs of these advisors. This approach allows destination marketers and DMOS to deliver what these professionals need, when they need it.

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A New View: Travel Advisors Looking Beyond COVID-19

U.S. and Canadian travel advisors weighed in on what they are doing now that COVID-19 has passed its peak. When will they travel again? What will the expect? We have the answers in our free study. Download it here.

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