Coronavirus Impact on Econ Dev

DCI Insights Report November 10, 2020
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Site Selection Consultants and Economic Developers Weigh In On COVID-19 Impact

Site selectors and economic development organizations are in unchartered territory.

Both groups are balancing the needs of clients, consultants and their own employees, re-configuring priorities with potentially fewer or different resources and importantly, trying to understand what future site selection decisions will look like.  A recent survey of Site Selector Guild members conducted in partnership with Development Counsellors International (DCI), as well as interviews with leading economic development professionals across the country, are important resources in navigating this new world. Understanding both points of view offers insights into what economic development organizations (EDOs) can expect moving forward and how they can and should respond to this new reality.

Findings from both DCI’s interviews and the research conducted in partnership with the Site Selectors Guild can be found in our new DCiQ report, “The Great Coronavirus Pivot: Site Selection Consultants and Economic Developers Weigh In On COVID-19 Impact”.

The key takeaway: site selectors have been quick to identify emerging trends in location decisions and equally important, economic developers have been quick to adapt and pivot to ensure they are meeting the needs of both external and internal audiences in this unusual time.

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The Great Coronavirus Pivot

Download the report which provides insights from economic developers and site selectors on the impacts of COVID-19 for the economic development industry.

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