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The ultimate interactive talent tool.

The DCI jobs board web application pulls industry specific Indeed.com job postings in your region directly from Indeed’s servers. We will work with you to ensure that the geographic radius and keywords are optimized to pull the right jobs from your region, as well as to identify which industries to feature. This automated tool will continue to update based on the approved parameters, saving you from managing upkeep.

Jobs Board Benefits

  • Handcrafted UI

    The DCI Jobs Board is handcrafted by real people who understand your industry and your audience. Each board can be updated to align with your branding.

  • Mobile-friendly

    This mobile-first application gives your users the ability to find what they need from any location.

  • No Upkeep

    Every 24-hours new jobs are automatically added to their corresponding industry on your jobs board and are removed after 30 days.

  • Functionality
  • Customization
  • FAQs
  • Application Licensing

How does the tool work?

At the onset of the jobs board process, we will work closely with your team to determine which industries to feature and establish the optimal Indeed search parameters for each. From here, our developers will create an automated process (also called a “chron”) to comb through job listings (also called “RSS feeds”) in Indeed and pull jobs matching the chosen search parameters. This system is setup to run every 24-hours, automatically pulling in new job postings. After 30 days, the jobs are automatically removed. If the listing is removed on Indeed, the job will clear from the jobs board.


Tailoring the tool for your audience.

Each industry jobs feed must follow the rules and algorithm of Indeed. While we cannot fully control the results, we can set a few variables to increase the accuracy of your jobs.

  • Search Term: The search term is the keyword we’re using to find jobs aligned with your industries.
  • Location: This is the region where the jobs are located. We are limited to a zip code and mile radius. We will often use “within 50 miles” of your zip code, which helps us to encompass the entirety of the region.
  • Exclusions: Often recruiters will place popular keywords into their posting so it will show up in more places. We have kept inventory of these trends across industries and will add known exclusions into your jobs board. Exclusions can always be added or removed if you notice new patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pull jobs from a different source?

We are always exploring and testing new sources for the Jobs Board and are happy to document requests. Since our jobs board is a licensed application across multiple sites, any functionality changes or updates must be consistent across all existing jobs boards. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to add smaller, local job sources currently. Our team evaluates functionality requests on a quarterly basis and prioritizes which features should be included in the next version based on demand and performance.

How accurate is the tool? 

Job postings pulled from Indeed are subject to Indeed’s tagging and search parameters. For this reason, the tool has a ~95% accuracy rate. Occasionally, there will be a result that does not accurately “match” the job type description because it is pulled based on a keyword included within the job description. These can be removed quickly on the back end. If you notice a distinct pattern of incorrect listings (a specific company, a city outside of your region, or a position) we can add another exclusion. When your jobs board goes live, it’s perfectly normal to find places where exclusions should be added. Making small exclusion adjustments will fall within the annual fees for the tool. However, adding rules (like “pull all jobs from X employer) does not fall under annual fees.

Why isn’t my job showing up? 

DCI will work with you to establish parameters for each feed. Jobs will automatically flow into the relevant feed based on these parameters. If a specific job is not appearing, you will have the ability to cross-compare the listing with your criteria and exclusions. From there we can assess updates required for the job to appear.

Application Licensing
Application Licensing

DCI Web Application Policy & Licensing

DCI’s Web Apps are available for usage via an annual subscription basis only, with all ownership, intellectual property and proprietary rights remaining with DCI. Upkeep of the tool, associated licenses for integrated tech (i.e. API’s), hosting of the tool, security and monitoring. While DCI can provide additional links and exclusions throughout the year, anything over 5 hours will be an additional fee.

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