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DCI can deliver a smart, research-driven, actionable place marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

DCI’s deep expertise in economic development, talent attraction and tourism enables our team to craft integrated place marketing and promotional strategies rooted in research and industry best practices. Most importantly, DCI’s destination marketing strategies are actionable and measurable.

DCI brings more than 60 years of experience in working for places – which means we understand your target market and we know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to designing high-quality place marketing plans. We’re skilled in elevating the profile of destinations large and small through strategic and integrated marketing campaigns that activate your brand story. We do it all, from public relations to digital marketing, social media, creative concepts, collateral, videos and more.

  • Quantitative Marketing Research
  • Qualitative Marketing Research
  • Brand Identity Establishment
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Marketing Tactics Arsenal
Quantitative Marketing Research
Know the Numbers First

DCI’s marketing team gets the data to inform your strategy.

From surveys to media audits, DCI’s marketing team does the legwork to understand your destination’s perception among target audiences, whether it’s potential visitors, new talent, or foreign investors. We seek out candid opinions through online perception studies that provide the data that will inform every step of our program. We have the tools to hear directly from corporate executives, site selection consultants, talent, past/prospective visitors, meeting planners, and more.

Qualitative Marketing Research
Know What People Think

DCI studies broader perceptions where it matters.

Numbers are excellent, but paired with qualitative research, you can’t go wrong. Through qualitative methods including focus groups, DCI better understands the work needed to enhance community engagement. We’ll work closely with you to identify participants for virtual or in-person focus groups, allowing our DCI team to hear directly from them about your community’s strengths and weaknesses – and what local members think about your goals.

Brand Identity Establishment
Know Who You Are

DCI’s team uses its research to inform how your destination presents itself.

Through our national research, DCI understands the most important factors that motivate visitors, site selectors, and job seekers. We also lean heavily on our research findings to develop a succinct brand promise and key messages. These foundational deliverables will serve as talking points, digital content and print marketing content. These messages will help define brand activations moving forward so that our marketing plan stays true to who you are.

Marketing Plan Implementation
Know Where We’re Going

DCI lays all the cards out so clients can follow along every step of the way.

DCI never leaves a client in the dark. As part of our marketing strategy, we will develop a clear timeline, budget and success metrics to help you actually implement every step we design. DCI strategies don’t sit on a shelf and collect dust because we provide clients a roadmap to implement the ideas and raise the profile of destinations. A marketing plan is only a plan until it’s set into action.

Marketing Tactics Arsenal
Know How We Work

DCI has the tools to get results, and we ensure that cleans understand each and every tactic.

DCI provides clients with a clear roadmap including a myriad of tactics. Through effective media relations, we’ll harness proactive PR tactics to target your most wanted media. We’ll amplify your key messages through social and digital media, engaging influencers. We’ll optimize your website and we can even plan advertising campaigns through traditional or digital platforms. We’ll place thought leadership pieces, attend trade shows, organize in-market activations – and the list goes on!

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