Belize in Sports Illustrated

Belize in Sports Illustrated logo

DCI worked with Sports Illustrated to help make Belize a premier destination in Central America.

As part of the Belize Tourism Board’s mission to become a top destination in Latin America, it needed a great PR campaign for tourism promotion. DC’s travel marketing strategy included a partnership with Sports Illustrated to make it happen.

The Challenge

Emerging from the pandemic, the Belize Tourism Board sought to position the travel destination as the best getaway for North Americans considering Latin America. How to do that, however, remained in question. Belize features beautiful landscapes and ecological escapes that many travelers were seeking – especially during the pandemic – but the target audience of North American travelers were simply not aware of it. The destination needed a tourism marketing campaign to boost its brand recognition through effective public relations tactics.

The Solution

DCI harnessed its travel PR relationships to form a partnership with Sports Illustrated to feature Belize’s alluring landscapes and quintessential experiences in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. With the 2022 edition serving as the launch of the magazine’s “Pay with Change” initiative, celebrating brands committed to gender equity, this tourism marketing partnership generated a buzz and wanderlust for Belize as a tourist destination and reinforced the destination’s position as a safe, forward-thinking destination.

The Results

  • 3+ Billion Impressions

    from 30 pieces of dedicated media coverage.

  • 360 Million Social Followers

    on Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit channels which tagged Belize in their posts about the feature.

  • 10+ Locations Featured

    across Belize during the 10-day photo and video shoot.

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