Franklin County

Adirondack Frontier logo

A new Franklin County branding campaign gained national recognition.

DCI reimagined Franklin County’s branding in an effort to gain national recognition. Through a new logo and website, DCI helped create a unified regional identity that was authentic to Franklin County’s rustic roots as the Adirondack-Frontier.

The Challenge

Franklin County is a diverse region that boasts lush landscape between the foothills and peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York. Its sprawling business parks and a low cost of living are an attractive draw for investors, but the brand lacked national recognition, considered just another Franklin in the United States. The county departments and county government needed a more unified brand and messaging to distinguish it from the others.

The Solution

During the three-month branding project, DCI conducted focus groups and established a brand task force. From this research, DCI rebranded the county’s three ED economic development organizations as Franklin County Economic Development Corporation, joining the organizations to create a one-stop shop for site selectors and corporate executives. DCI developed a unified place brand and website that branded Franklin County as the “Adirondack Frontier” and go-to source for information related to business and tourism in Franklin County, New York.

The Results

  • Brand New Brand

    DCI created the Adirondack Frontier brand to amplify Franklin County’s authentic assets — its natural beauty, high quality of life and community engagement — to attract businesses, entrepreneurs, talent and visitors.

  • Real Recognition

    Placing an emphasis on the positive association with the Adirondack mountains and the region’s room for growth, DCI created a new brand, a county logo, branding guidelines and a user-friendly website.

  • Differentiating Franklin County

    The rich greens signify new growth, the famous Adirondacks and the use of the New York state icon help differentiate the county from the other Franklin Counties across the nation.

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