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Using PR to Position Chattanooga as the Ideal Location for Remote Workers

Economic Development


DCI has worked with both the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chattanooga Tourism Company for 10+ years to place stories in the media to highlight the city and surrounding region as an ideal spot for tourists, talent and businesses. With remote work and relocation on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DCI saw an opportunity to position Chattanooga, Tennessee – home to speedy, affordable internet and a long list of unique outdoor activities – as an ideal location for individuals looking to work remotely in a new location.


Collaborate across DCI’s economic development and tourism divisions to reach remote workers by putting Chattanooga in the national headlines for its lifestyle and outdoor offerings, unparalleled broadband connection and low cost of living – all pointing to the region being a top spot for remote workers. 

DCI’s economic development and tourism teams conducted traditional media outreach and coordinated four media visits with travel and lifestyle reporters to showcase why remote talent should relocate to Chattanooga. DCI developed case studies on individual remote workers in Chattanooga and conducted a media tour for Mayor Tim Kelly in New York City, identifying remote work as a key messaging point for his on-air interviews.

“Coming in at the top of the list is Chattanooga, Tennessee. Set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Chattanooga has all the amenities of an urban city, along with a low cost of living and easy access to nature.” 10 Best Work-From-Home Cities In The U.S., Forbes


Since remote work rose to national interest in mid-2020, DCI has secured 15+ unique remote work-focused media placements (which were picked up by more than 12 additional outlets), putting a spotlight on Chattanooga’s food and beverage offerings, abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, low cost of living and its famously fast internet.

The region has been ranked as a top work from home destination by Forbes, Time Out and Fox Business; and featured in national outlets including: Bloomberg,, Business Insider and others – garnering more than 720 million impressions and more than $3 million in ad equivalency thus far.

27 Total Number of Results
726.7M Impressions
$3.44M Ad Equivalency

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