Eye on the Prize: Texas Uncovers Potential for 1,400 Jobs From Website Behavior

What a great tool! To see the level of website activity among one of our primary audiences was fascinating. Helping matters was the ability to convert those prospects into valuable meetings with real investment interest.

Michael Chrobak, Executive Vice President


The Challenge

Texas has a stellar reputation for business friendliness, so company attention was already frequently focused on the state during major site location projects. But how many projects—both small and large—was Texas Economic Development Corporation potentially missing without anyone knowing about it? The organization wanted to dive deeper into its website visitors and understand if there were other opportunities getting away.


The DCI Strategy

Monitor website activity using DCI’s best-in-class Web-to-Leads technology, reporting weekly on the latest companies exhibiting “gold behavior” (viewing key pages indicative of a potential site location need) on TexasWideOpenForBusiness.com. An aggressive prospect qualification campaign would follow, focused on identifying prime opportunities for the state to get involved earlier in the process than normal.


The Results

  • Identified nearly 400 target industry companies who actively visited the Texas website across a six-month period, including a mix of existing industry and new investment prospects.
  • After receiving clearance on contacting 155 of them, DCI secured nine prospect meetings (with two others pending) in those six months, collectively worth approximately 1,310-1,470 jobs.
  • Another seven prospects expressed interest in future discussions, bringing the combined leads/suspects total to 18 in the half-year period.