Keeping Thailand Top of Mind As Business Events Destination

Between 2014 and 2015 the number of Business Events travelers grew 23% from the U.S.

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The Challenge

North American news outlets were reporting on Thailand’s security challenges and questioning the government’s stability. DCI was tasked with addressing misperceptions head-on and securing business events for Thailand.


The DCI Strategy

Frequently disseminate factual bulletins about government reform that was ensuring national stability. Highlight the exotic cultural experiences that can be included in meeting programs, making Thailand both unique when compared its competitor Asian destinations and memorable to delegates. Aggressively promote the associations which selected Thailand as a meeting destination.


The Results

  • Developed a pipeline of 18 programs that will bring 56,846 attendees and an economic impact of $122,826,462.
  • Confirmed 43 programs bringing 14,961 attendees and an economic impact of $29 million.
  • In one year, grew Business Events travelers from the U.S. by 23%.
  • Helped Thailand climb 16 spots in the ICCA rankings, to #13 internationally.