Case Study

Greater Phoenix

Economic Development


When you think of Phoenix, three things come to mind—heat, retirement and the Grand Canyon. DCI is telling the lesser known and more important story: Phoenix is home to a booming economy that has made it the fastest growing city in the nation.


To Showcase the competitive business climate in Greater Phoenix to both national and international media, DCI was proactive and strategic in pitching, coordinating media tours and facilitating press trips.

DCI has been instrumental in garnering an ongoing flow of positive media stories about Greater Phoenix’s value proposition, putting the market front and center in national and international media outlets. Greater Phoenix Economic Council


DCI has secured placements in publications such as Forbes, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNBCand others for print, online and broadcast coverage.

We have coordinated more than 14 media tours, in both national and international locations, for various city officials and economic development leaders. In less than three years, DCI has secured more than 40 placements, resulting in more than 473 million impressions and $2.7 million in ad equivalency.

14+ Media Tours
473+ Million Impressions
$2.7+ Million In Ad Equivalency

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