Case Study

Northern Colorado

Creating a Regional Brand for one of the State’s Next Hotspots

Known for its natural beauty and quality of life assets, Northern Colorado’s three main cities—Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland—consistently rank as top places for business but lacked a unified identity. Through the creation of a new brand, website and an in-depth marketing strategy, DCI helped amplify the region’s key assets on the national stage.

The Opportunity:

Nestled between the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s high plains and Denver International Airport – Northern Colorado communities consistently rank as some of the best locations in the country for business, lifestyle and craft beer. But with three main (and very different) cities – Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland – as well as several towns in between, the region needed an identity as a whole. DCI set off to develop a brand that showcased the Northern Colorado region as a great place for business, investment and talent on a national level and created a marketing plan to put that brand into action.


DCI’s Approach:

To develop a unifying brand for Northern Colorado, DCI conducted in-depth research, led a series of in-person interviews and developed a marketing blueprint – complete with a new brand, logo, tagline, marketing plan and website. Three years later, we grew the brand further and developed a talent-specific brand and website within the same family.


The Results:

The regional brand spotlighted Northern Colorado’s laid-back lifestyle and inclination for innovation. The brand uses the tagline “Authentic. Elevated. Inspired.” to attract and retain primary businesses and industry jobs in Northern Colorado. The square within the Northern Colorado mark is a strong and centered element and though abstract, still references the iconic landscape of Northern Colorado through the “peak” and green hues. The complimentary talent attraction-focused brand, with the slogan, “Boundless Opportunity,” has a similar look and feel but adds a distinctive “N” icon. It has become a powerful tool for employers looking to recruit talent to the region.

Dariel Curren

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