Top LGBTQ+ Influencers to Make Your Destination Shine

June 05, 2024
Two women celebrating LGBTQ+ pride month

The Situation

June means it’s LGBTQ+ Pride month, and instead of rolling out the rainbow carpet for a month, consider a partnership with LGBTQ+ influencers to promote your destination’s openness all year.

With 28% of Gen Z identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community—compared to 16% of millennials and just 9% of Gen X—they are a growing market that must not be ignored. 

But while LGBTQ+ rights around the world continue to grow, queer travelers still need to consider safety and legal issues in 67 nations around the world. Destinations looking to capture this important and often affluent market need to make sure they address them as effectively as possible.

Let’s consider how one destination leverages LGBTQ+ influencers to promote inclusivity in authentic ways.

Case Study 1: Repurpose with Purpose


With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, these two women are traveling for fashion and luxury. They are working out of L.A. and New York, meaning you’ll have partners on both coasts. Tap into their audiences as they highlight their romantic adventures around the world.

Greater Miami & Miami Beach did just that. To promote the cities as a welcoming and inclusive destination, the tourism board partnered with Christine and Kirstie to amplify the inclusive messaging on their account

They also helped bolster the tourism board’s LGBTQ-dedicated social page, giving their content even more visibility.

Case Study 2: Give Creative License


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Toronto-based Michael Rizzi and his husband will explore wherever they can, from Sweden to Curacao, seeking experiences that any traveler will crave. His content provides a bit of extra cheeky humor to engage the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a propensity to sport speedo whenever he can.

During Miami’s traditional Pride parade and events, the tourism board partnered with Mike Rizzi to showcase why Miami is celebrated as an LGBTQ+ destination. 

Mike not only took part in the Pride festivities, but his bespoke content focused on the people in Miami.  His personal and interview stylings showcased the community that Miami fostered—unfiltered and in a way that resonates with his audience.

Other Players

Seeing the potential here? Here are eight more LGBTQ+ influencers to partner with in 2024 to highlight inclusivity in your destination.


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Often spotted lounging in a pool or in some plush hotel room, L.A.-based Jontá Harris is an LGBTQ+ influencer and content creator with a growing and diverse audience. He and his partner make no qualms about their love on Instagram, taking it wherever they go, from Costa Rica to Athens.


Destinations looking to reach family travelers and LGBTQ+ audiences can secure both with Gena. This mother of two is open about her IVF path to motherhood as a lesbian. Her approachable and relatable content—for all parents—helps make her a winning partner for destinations looking for LGBTQ+ influencers in 2024.


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Based in San Francisco, Matt can be spotted with his partner traveling the world and sharing authentic, honest content about their trips. His video content on Instagram provides destinations with a creative and engaging way to reach audiences, including his more than 119,000 followers in the LGBTQ+ and ally communities.


Two self-described queers, Chris and Alex travel the world from Jersey City, waving the rainbow flag along the way. They are always on the lookout for new travel experiences, like camping or other unique places to stay. In addition to a queer lens, these two women offer a bit of comedy along the way, making sure to bring laughs and lightness to their audiences on Instagram and Tik Tok.


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Louis has been traveling the world for years looking for local experiences that the LGBTQ+ community wants to know about. His website,, is an extension of his brand, helping him identify the best things to do for LGBTQ+ travelers. Destinations will want to partner with him to reach travelers who want to do more than just hit the beach—although Louis does a fair bit of that, as well!


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From food and cocktails to holidays and parades, Josh Rimer brings a touch of the rainbow flag to his travels. This Canadian influencer, based in Vancouver, is a strategic addition to any destination marketing effort seeking to attract Canadians. He lets the destinations shine through while he showcases the experiences and attractions not to miss. 


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Barry and his husband don’t stop traveling—it’s why Barry quit his job! Canadian, Asian, and gay, he is a diverse partner reaching an equally diverse audience on Instagram and other outlets—including a travel series he hosted. For beautiful content that foregrounds LGBTQ+ romance, Barry is a superb LGBTQ+ influencer to partner with in 2024. 

He can create beautiful content all while raising twins—and he can do it all while traveling, too. Canadian Joseph Tito’s account boasts more than 93,000 followers, featuring his husband and two girls all the time. Destinations can get a two-for-one advantage here, connecting with family and LGBTQ+ followers when Joseph arrives 

Written by

Ashley Kotar

Account Manager