Top 11 Family Travel Influencers and Creators to Know

June 16, 2022

Whether it’s a family escape or a multigenerational reunion, family travel is still trending. Connecting destinations to families looking for a place to visit, however, will be more challenging than ever now that everyone is clamoring to travel.

Meet families where they are by channeling your destination through some of the most successful and well-connected family travel influencers. Their social media presence is fueled by parents eager to follow their advice and tips – so why not work to make your destination become one of those very bits of advice that can influence families to book a trip?

From Canadian families to U.S. ones, from Black families to those with LGBTQ+ parents, it’s important to keep diversity and inclusion at the head of any family travel influencer strategy, and these 11 all-stars are the perfect place to start.

1. The Hambrick Family will go wherever a plane or train takes them. Hailing from Miami, this mother and father duo and their two kids are ideal allies to help show that families of all kinds can go absolutely anywhere. With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, it’s also pretty clear why they are a powerful family to know.

2. Y Travel showcases the adventures of the Makepeace family, originally from Australia, who have lived and traveled abroad before settling into North Carolina. They have alway prioritized travel for their two girls and boast 24 years of non-stop travel across more than 55 countries. Together they create family travel content across all social media outlets, making them exciting partners for your destination.

3. 2 Travel Dads tout themselves as the original LGBTQ+ family blog, and with good reason. For years these dads have taken their two sons all over, to theme parks and on adventures in nature, showcasing their experiences across North America. As LGBTQ+ family travel grows, destinations should embrace family travel influencers like these parents.

4. Simply Cyn features Cynthia Andrew from New York who makes it a point to feature her family getaway with her twins. She’s not limited to family travel, but for any destination looking to reach more diverse family audiences, this Black family travel influencer has carved out a successful niche for herself, and her Instagram is simply stunning.

5. The Mom Trotter, Kay, is a digital nomad that puts family travel at the forefront. She keeps it real and audiences love it, with more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok alone. Her content showcases the realities of traveling with family, but always with a positive spin. Destinations would be wise to check in with her about working together.   

6. Mrs Blinks delivers all sorts of kid-friendly content to her more than 56,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 600,000 TikTok followers. Her topics range from homeschooling while traveling to the best products for traveling. Connect with her to help showcase your destination as a family-friendly option and you won’t be disappointed with the attention she brings you.

7. Two Moms in Motion features Morgan and Ale and their daughter, based in Canada, and traipsing around since 2020. These influencers travel with their toddler, addressing both lesbian and family audiences with their content that reaches more than 57,000 people on Instagram alone.

8. Casa De Fallon features Fallon, a mother of two, who takes her kids all over, especially when there is some sort of holiday celebration afoot. She keeps wellness and health at the forefront of all she does. Destinations with seasonal events and attractions looking to appeal to families should follow her account ASAP.

9. Kimberly Gelin is a self-proclaimed Mom Blogger who features family content with her three kids and husband. Whether it’s an amusement park or a beach getaway, her 31,000 followers eat up her honest, adorable content, making her a powerful ally for any family-friendly destination. 

11. Chantéa McIntyre embraces her influencer status, talking about passions including plant-based living, Black history, and of course travel. She has created quality family travel content about her trips around the U.S. and the Caribbean, with all four kids and husband in tow. 

12. Filipa Jackson truly loves soft creamy tones on her Instagram. This British-born, Canada-based mother of two will hit the beach, the slopes or the city center on a variety of travel adventures with her husband and small children. With 100,000 followers, she’s a formidable partner to get your destination in front of families’ eyes. 

At DCI, we have more than 60 years of linking destinations with the right media outlets – and today’s online family travel influencers are just the latest places where destinations can market themselves. Contact Daniella Middleton at [email protected] to learn about creating a family friendly strategy to create partnerships with these family content creators.