Tapping Travel Writers for Content Campaigns

March 24, 2022

Brainstorming and developing a new content campaign for your destination is exciting and invigorating, but oftentimes it falls flat if the wording doesn’t quite hit the mark. It’s the equivalent of a Pinterest fail for bakers and crafters. You imagined it so much better than it came out, unfortunately.

Contracting a travel writer, however, can be the small change that takes your destination’s content campaign from meh to wow overnight. Professional writers, especially those with a deep understanding of the travel space, bring the prose that your team needs to up the wattage on their brilliant ideas and help them shine like never before.

As you weigh the pros and cons and try to justify the expense of bringing on an outsider, consider the benefits of having a travel writer join the team as you create your content campaign.

1. Fresh Perspectives on Your Destination

Contracting a travel writer means bringing fresh perspectives to your destination marketing campaign. As they research and inform themselves about the destination’s needs, they’ll be adding details or angles that you may not have considered. They’ve written about destinations extensively, so they are brimming with ideas that you may have never even imagined, in addition to angles and written imagery that can set you apart from the pack.

This unspoiled, unbiased approach can be the jolt your tourism content campaign needs, especially if your team is burned out after developing it. A travel writer is like a new set of legs halfway through a marathon. They can only help.

2. Years of Travel Experience, Professionalism

Travel writers bring years of experience with them, so they know what works and what’s already out there and how to create the right images for a destination using words. They have worked for other destinations and are immersed in the act of writing in ways that non-writers can’t imagine.

As a chef can smell if a dish needs salt, so can a travel writer instantly recognize something off in your syntax. This sort of professionalism is key to helping you polish off your destination marketing content campaign with the right words.

It’s easy to forget that writers spend hours a day working on their craft – in addition to actually traveling extensively – and that sort of muscle is not easily reproduced by those of us who don’t. You’ll be able to trust them to take the content seriously but also to produce beautiful and technically-tight writing that will be unique to your campaign.

3. Efficient Travel Writing, Minus the Clichés

Travel writers may seem like an extravagant indulgence, but remember they are pros. What they can do in an hour may take your team all day. Time is money – a cliché that your writers probably won’t use – so keep that in mind when partnering with them. They can produce travel and destination writing quickly without the overused imagery that most travel content uses (think “something for everyone,” and “and more…”

Your content doesn’t need anymore “hidden gems,” and a good travel writer will insist on that.

Their efficiency in time is also matched by their efficiency in meeting word counts and being able to fit all of your blooming ideas into whatever format is required. It’s their speciality, and in the end you’ll be saving more than just a headache by letting them write for your campaign.

4. Travel Writing and Beyond

Another aspect of contracting a travel writer to come on board is their multidisciplinary nature. A travel writer often works across fields, from journalism and academia to fiction and poetry. You’re often getting a Swiss Army knife of tools at your disposal who may be just as well-versed in writing about energy investments as they are about sustainable food and luxury tourism.

More than just different topics, most writers are writing for all different formats. You may need a blog or a landing page, but they can also do social media posts, speeches, video captions, white papers and virtually anything else your content campaign may need.

Well, the good travel writers can, at least. You need to make sure you get one of those!

5. You Get What You Want

Finally, travel writers are often considered cerebral, in their heads, moody, and proud of their work. It comes with a lot of solitary miles on the road! But when you are working with them, they aren’t writing a personal memoir that means something dear to their heart. You are contracting a travel writer to write about a destination. They are working for you and they know it.

As such, with a travel writer you have the ability to ask for revisions to get exactly what you want. There’s no ego at stake. They want to maintain a good working relationship as much as you do. Remember that before you imagine them rolling their eyes for another round of revisions.

The cooperation between your knowledge of the client’s needs and their mastery of the written language can only lead to success. Consider all of this when getting that next content campaign going and you could be on the path to a very exciting new relationship – if you find and contract the right travel writer!

Developing travel content campaigns is at the heart of what DCI does for its clients, and working with the industry’s top travel writers is all part of it. Get in touch with Hanna Gbordzoe at [email protected] to learn about elevating your writing content with the help of an expert.