Talent Wars Podcast: Which Places Are Winning the Talent Wars?

May 14, 2024
Talent Wars podcast from DCI featuring Josh Wright of Lighcast

On this episode of Talent Wars, a podcast from DCI, host Patience Fairbrother is joined by Josh Wright of Lightcast to discuss which places are winning the talent wars and why.

The episode takes a deep dive into Lightcast’s Talent Attraction Scorecard, which analyzes U.S. job growth, education and migration to uncover talent and migration trends.  

Tune in for insights on: 

  • Key ingredients for success in talent attraction 
  • States and regions making the most significant gains in the Talent Scorecard 
  • Case studies to pay attention to  
  • How your community can win the talent wars 



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Written by

Patience Fairbrother

Vice President, Talent Attraction