So What Are The Best Lifestyle Media For Your Travel Angles?

January 27, 2022

The “most wanted” media targets for destination marketing organizations often include the same travel-oriented titles… Afar, Condé Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure. But today’s best lifestyle media provide a wealth of new avenues through which to engage prospective visitors.

Of course landing destination coverage in the travel press still has its role and purpose. Dedicated travel publications aren’t going anywhere, unless you’re an inflight magazine.

However, destination public relations professionals need to realize that their PR efforts should extend to more than the usual suspects. Pitching angles beyond the travel pages and into the best lifestyle media is a vital tactic for destinations that want to establish awareness and relevance for the experiences they promote.

1. Luxury Lifestyle

For destinations aiming for luxury travelers, you might take a break from the travel press in 2022. Connect with luxury travelers where they are, flipping through the pages of a magazine like Monocole or Robb Report. Having your destination featured here will generate more impactful interest.

Pitching to these publications requires crafting story angles that delve into the unique aspects and experiences of your destination beyond the main attractions, whether it’s a private art collection, unique product designer or dynamic chef. You want to impress the reader with what’s going on in your destination instead of selling it as a bucket list stopover.

2. Culinary

Speaking of dining, whetting travelers’ appetites for your destination may be as easy as pitching more culinary-focused stories. If your destination has innovative restaurants, unique markets, farm-to-table experiences, or some traditional products worth exploring, make them the focus of your pitching efforts.

Direct those efforts towards magazines like Saveur or Food & Wine or consider engaging food influencers or bloggers to get foodies jazzed about your destination. Food and dining outlets don’t always talk about food, but the right story will inspire a new generation of foodies to look at your destination in a whole new light and start booking tables – and hotels.

3. Fashion and Culture

No one picks up W or Vogue and immediately thinks of planning an escape, but a story about an evolving art scene or new fashion hub will attract fashionistas your way. Pitching the cultural happenings in your destination will create interest among those looking to chase down the next trend.

It doesn’t have to be all high-end either. Stories about underground culture in something like Paper Magazine will resonate with younger, edgier individuals who will remember what is cool and trendy when they start planning their next getaway.

4. Diversity and Alternative Voices

For destinations that have particular interest for subgroups and niches, including Black and LGBTQ trvelers, reach out to publications that cater to these audiences. Reading profiles about interesting people doing interesting things for their communities will help put your destination on the radar where it wasn’t before.

Magazines like Out and Essence don’t focus specifically on travel, but talking about locals in your destination who have amazing stories will allow you to engage new audiences. If travelers feel like they see themselves in your destination, they are more likely to make the trip.

5. Science and Sustainability

We keep talking about how sustainable and responsible travel is on the rise. Don’t save your eco-friendly travel stories for the travel sections. Pitch to publications whose readership cares intimately about things like the environment to show what your destination is doing differently.

It might seem like a stretch. Let’s call it a creative twist, instead, but big thinkers reap big rewards. Look at something like Forbes’ Sustainability Channel to promote green initiatives or stories in your destination. The chance to meet sustainability-minded readers where they are will create a positive image of your destination in their minds. When it comes time for a vacation, they’ll remember your investment in sustainability as they make their shortlist.

This may not be news to everyone, but for some publicists, it’s not at all intuitive to be pitching the best lifestyle media. New year… new approach.

At DCI, we think outside the box as a rule of thumb to secure the media coverage that our clients need. Contact Karyl Leigh Barnes at [email protected] to learn more about getting your destination’s name in front of the right audiences.