Six Tourism Research Studies for 2024 You Need to Read

January 10, 2024
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It’s a new year and tourism research in 2024 is the first stepping stone to planning a year of successful destination marketing. Knowing where to start, though, is its own research project, but we have you covered.

Instead of spending your time searching for the most reliable studies, let us guide you with this handy cheat sheet of top tourism research in 2024 to follow. When you live and breathe tourism research — like we do — it’s easy to know which reports are the most trustworthy. Here’s what we’re reading as we welcome the new year.

1. Expedia Group

Expedia Group is a leader in all things related to bookings and reservations. They are a prime go-to for understanding the trends that will be shaping the travel industry in 2024. This year, Expedia has isolated the top trends to follow, from “dry tripping” for alcohol-free travelers to the “vibe check-in” for travelers who want to seek out a certain style of accommodation that are influencing how we all travel in its report “Unpack ’24: Trends in Travel.”

Read their forecast for 2024 and make sure you’re up to date with what travelers want.


Understanding tourism research in 2024 means looking more holistically at all the big brands, and Expedia’s competitor,, has its own predictions for the new year in “7 Predictions for Travel in 2024.” The company surveyed 27,000 travelers across 33 countries and territories, so there is plenty of data to back up their predictions.

Their report highlights seven growing trends this year, with titles like “surrender seekers” for those who want to embrace surprises while traveling and “cool-cationers” for those seeking cold weather experiences. Check out the report to learn about these new ideas and see how your destination fits into these burgeoning trends.

3. Forbes

While travel publications push out their own trend pieces and predictions, good researchers know that more objective sources are always important to consult. That’s why we’re checking out Forbes and their series on 2024’s travel trends

The publication looks at various trends related to artificial intelligence, for example, underlining how AI is infiltrating experiences related to housekeeping in hotels or tracking metrics to help travelers be more environmentally conscious. The report also discusses how sleep science is playing a growing role in wellness offerings for destinations worldwide.

Head over to their report, divided into four parts, to see what leading trendsetting companies are discussing about the current state of the industry and how new technology and motivations are guiding bookings.

4. Destinations International

Destinations International is a must when considering tourism research in 2024, and “Beyond Travel Trends: What Leisure Travelers Want in 2024” continues that tradition. The website is always discussing the newest trends, and their latest report dives into case studies and examples to highlight what’s ahead in the new year.

On tap, according to Destinations International, is a rise in luxury travel and train trips, among other their latest predictions. Bookmark this report but don’t wait until midyear to give it a good read.

5. Skyscanner

Combine booking data with consumer research and you get the full package with Skyscanner’s newest tourism research, “Travel Trends 2024.” Their results will guide your destination marketing with results that highlight, for example, how 47% of travelers book a destination based on a restaurant alone. That’s a small detail that can make a big difference in how you market your destination this year.

These invaluable insights on top destinations, trending habits, and consumer preferences are available to help align your destination with current trends, boosting your potential to capture even more travelers in 2024.

6. Skift

Skift is an industry leader in all things related to travel, making them a key source of tourism research in 2024. Their 11th edition of “Megatrends in Travel 2024” covers the big upcoming trends that are backed up by data points and months of research. For online travel, hotel trends, airline updates, and consumer insights, Skift’s 2024 report is essential reading as you clean up the empty bottles of bubbly from your holiday parties.

These research reports are just the beginning of understanding what’s happening in the new year. Consider creating your own bespoke tourism research in 2024 to understand consumer habits in your city or region to tailor your marketing plans even more.

 Looking to create your own research report to learn more about your destination and how current travel trends apply to your marketing goals? If you want answers, we’ll develop questions. Reach out to Robyn Domber at [email protected] to learn more about how DCI’s research team can boost your marketing efforts.

Written by

Robyn Domber

Senior Vice President, Research