Seven Ways to Show Stakeholders the Value of Digital Advertising Campaigns

March 22, 2024
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Showing the value of a digital advertising campaign for economic development and talent attraction is key to making sure your stakeholders are on board. The goal is to reach the best audiences, not just the biggest ones. Showing that, however, can oftentimes be tricky.

It all ties into marketing, business development, and expectations of what digital marketing can do when driving traffic to a website. Of course one digital ad for a location will not guarantee that a company will relocate immediately, but it’s driving them down the funnel from awareness to consideration. Along the way, there are metrics to discuss and share at each of those levels. They are your chances to tell your digital advertising story. 

Based on DCI’s Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing, a website is the first place companies go to learn about a new location. Driving traffic to your site through organic, paid, referral and direct traffic is pivotal for a successful digital marketing formula.

To demonstrate to stakeholders the value of your digital advertising campaign, we’ve prepared a few easy ways to share your success. Share the results of these programs so that they continue unimpeded, making everyone feel good about investing in your marketing efforts.

1. Increased Awareness

Your digital advertising increases impressions and website visits of what your location offers to businesses. Take this data back to stakeholders to show them that people are clicking on the relevant content and service pages that will drive investment and interest in your destination.

2. Increased Inquiries

A solid digital advertising campaign for economic development and talent attraction inevitably creates interaction. Track the number of phone and email link clicks to showcase your efforts. Share the data showing how many people fill out online forms to request a meeting.

3. New Project Leads

Look at the number of companies contacting you when your destination is on the short-list. The more, the merrier. These statistics indicate a positive return on investment from your digital advertising campaign because you’re hitting the right people at the right time.

4. YOY Growth

Benchmark against yourself to make it clear that your EDO has improved from the prior quarter or year. While a lot of factors are at play, a digital advertising campaign for economic development efforts gives a boost to the growth that you have seen. 

And if there’s no growth, it’s time to reevaluate your campaign’s effectiveness!

5. Associate Metrics

Tie your metrics into specific marketing funnels to illustrate how they feed into awareness, consideration, and ultimate decision making. By simply spelling out how different metrics support different elements of your marketing strategy, it will be easier for stakeholders to see the value of your digital advertising campaign.

6. Hit Your KPIs

First, of course, agree upon the most important KPIs for your EDO. Then use your digital advertising campaigns to hit them. Then brag about it. This sort of data is key to show your stakeholders that the digital strategies are working, and hitting goals doubles down on the fact that you have a vision for what they can do for you.

7. Tell a Story With Data

Show, don’t tell. It’s an age-old recommendation that works when it comes to showcasing the value of your digital marketing efforts. For example, tell stakeholders that your website visitors this month could fill your local MLB stadium. Let them see the impact rather than just telling them some numbers that won’t resonate as powerfully.

Looking to show the value of your digital advertising campaign for economic development and talent attraction? DCI is a leader in helping cities and regions capture the attention of the most important decision makers with its digital tactics. Contact Susan Brake at [email protected] to learn more about working with our agency to give your EDO the edge it needs.

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