Prioritizing Inclusion: Why Your Organization Should Have a Multilingual Website

September 28, 2023
Happy Latin American couple relaxing at home watching movies on their laptop and smiling.

Place marketers understand that inclusivity is not just a buzz word; it’s an important element to consider when looking to attract and retain visitors, businesses and talent to your region.  

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re spotlighting one community that exemplifies inclusion when it comes to providing tailored content to its Spanish-speaking audiences: Tulsa, OK. 

PartnerTulsa is a community and economic development organization committed to growing an economy with opportunity for all. That means prioritizing accessibility and inclusion for all current and future residents. When the new organization came to DCI to design its brand and website, it was crucial to their leadership that content was offered in more than one language.  

PartnerTulsa and DCI took an intentional approach to designing the website backwards from a multilingual experience to ensure that Spanish-speaking website visitors feel catered to specifically. This approach demonstrates a commitment to reaching a wider audience, fostering meaningful connections and promoting economic growth in Tulsa’s Hispanic community, which aligns with the organization’s mission. 

The Importance of a Multilingual Website 

Depending on the target audience, it may be worth considering investing in making your website multilingual. Here are just a few reasons why digital inclusivity is important, using PartnerTulsa as an example:  

Homepage of Partner Tulsa's website in spanish.


PartnerTulsa’s bilingual website ensures that important information is accessible to a broader range of individuals, regardless of their primary language. This accessibility is crucial for connecting with Spanish-speaking business owners, entrepreneurs and residents who might otherwise face language barriers. 

Cultural Sensitivity

Language is a fundamental aspect of culture. By offering content in both English and Spanish, PartnerTulsa’s website demonstrates cultural sensitivity and respect for the diversity within Tulsa’s community. Importantly, rather than using a translator plug-in, the website leverages WordPress Multilingual and content translated by a native Spanish speaker. This approach goes beyond mere translation and acknowledges the nuances of language and culture.  

Economic Opportunities

By removing language barriers, PartnerTulsa opens doors to economic opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs, businesses, developers and residents. This inclusivity fosters growth, collaboration and innovation in Tulsa’s business ecosystem, which is a major part of their mission.   

Community Building

A bilingual website not only speaks directly to Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs but also sends a powerful message of welcome and belonging. It helps build a sense of community, fostering relationships and connections that are vital for success in any endeavor. 

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s remember that inclusivity is not just about recognizing diversity; it’s about actively embracing it. PartnerTulsa’s bilingual website is a prime example of how inclusive practices can bridge gaps, promote diversity and pave the way for stronger, more connected communities. 

Written by

Patience Fairbrother

Vice President, Talent Attraction