National Food Month: 10 Culinary Influencers We Relish

April 02, 2024
Culinary influencer taking pictures of a large meal set out on a table

April is National Food Month, a moment as good as any for destinations to celebrate their local culinary creations, chefs and communities. A prime way to showcase these attractions is by connecting with those most interested in all things related to food through some of North America’s top culinary influencers.

Global culinary tourism is on the rise, accounting for $805.9 billion worldwide in 2022, a number projected to reach $2,114.2 billion by 2028. Research by Hilton reaffirms this growth, with more than half of travelers surveyed focusing on culinary experiences as they plan their 2024 travel including eating local and regional cuisine (86%) and having a good restaurant at their hotel (82%).

These content creators speak to hungry audiences in the U.S. and Canada. Partnering with them is a great way to turn their hunger for wanderlust into reservations at your destination’s restaurants.


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1. @bon_nappetit

Jackie Frei is curating the best dishes and restaurants wherever she goes. Based in New York and Philadelphia, she has a growing fanbase on both Instagram and TikTok. A devotee to food in Philly, she’s no stranger to flitting off to Europe and beyond to find romantic date night restaurants and local fare. Destinations looking to tap into the U.S.’s East Coast market should absolutely pay attention to Jackie, who has a strong engagement with her audience.

2. @briancantstopeating

Based in New York, Brian makes it his mission to visit—and eat his way through—all fifty U.S. states. His Instagram feed alone has more than 380,000 followers, making him a strong partner for any DMO in the U.S. looking to increase visibility. Pitch your destination for a visit to lure Brian away from New York to showcase your local eats instead.

3. @christineyi

Christine Yi is based in New York but has spent years traveling and tasting her way through China. She brings food to life through her robust Instagram presence, weaving in a bit of her own personal inspirational storyline through her posts. She’s traveling to Barcelona, to Miami, and basically anywhere where she can have something flavorful to taste.

4. @dineandfash

Krystle works out of Toronto where the international airport makes it all too easy to flit off for new feasts. Her beautifully curated Instagram account showcases her restaurant experiences in Albania, Mexico, Quebec, and beyond to more than 50,000 followers. A growing TikTok presence helps connect her—and your destination, if you partner together—to hungry Canadian travelers.

5. @eatfamous

Another favorite content creator out of Toronto, Ryan Hinkson shares his culinary travel adventures with more than 282,000 followers. He’s got Canada’s ear when it comes to traveling for food. If your destination has big, bold, and oftentimes messy food, Ryan is the perfect content creator to partner with in 2024.


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6. @eatingwithkirby

From Vancouver, Kirby finds the best travel and food stories from around the world. Destinations looking to reach her more than 280,000 followers in Instagram will want to pitch their best culinary stories, including any unique Asian cuisine angles.


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7. @everything_delish

Jamie Milne is a top culinary content creator in Canada—and beyond—with more than 750,000 followers on Instagram and 2.6 million followers on TikTok. Her close-ups on food and recipes makes this self-taught cook an ally for demystifying and showcasing your destination’s most unique culinary features.


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8. @jakecohen

With a cookbook tapping into his Jewish roots, New York-based Jake Cohen discusses all things food with his more than one million followers on Instagram. Destinations can partner with this New York Times bestselling author to share culinary messages and increase brand awareness. You’ll spot several celebrities like Katie Couric and Martha Stewart on his grid, as well!


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9. @jamesbok

More than 325,000 people follow James Bok on TikTok, with 270,000 more on Instagram. This Canadian influencer and content creator takes a wholesome approach to his down-to-earth posts, even featuring his mother occasionally. He’s based in Toronto but is always flitting off around the world with past trips, especially to Asia.


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10. @stickaforkinme

Rachel Samson is always keen to hop a plane from her home in Miami to find the next best thing to eat. From restaurants to local specialities , she’s celebrating National Food Month every month of the year. Partner with her to connect your destination’s culinary scene with her 416,000 fans on Instagram and see what sort of expert visual content she cooks up.

Get visitors drooling for your destination by partnering with one—or all—of these top culinary influencers in 2024. Contact Ashley Kotar at [email protected] to learn more about working with DCI on your influencer relations.

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Ashley Kotar

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