How to Pitch: The Top 12 Best Family Travel Writers

April 14, 2022
Man in a brown wooly coat holding a bundled up baby.

Family travel is trending in 2022, whether it’s educational trips or multigenerational getaways. It’s time to celebrate with the whole family. Pent up demand mixed with enhanced health measures means that family members of all ages can finally get away safely.

NYU’s School of Professional Studies & Family Travel Association released research into what families are seeking when traveling. Among the findings, 62% of those surveyed said they’ll travel to visit family and friends, while 52% said they are planning multigenerational trips.

Recovery is in full swing, and the whole family is part of it. Destinations need to make sure they are primed to appeal to these travelers who are looking for family-friendly experiences. It’s key to stay top of mind as we enter the summer travel season. 

One of the best ways is to connect with the top family travel writers out there. Lucky for you we’re willing to share a few pages from our little black book. These freelancers, editors, and parent bloggers have the eyes and ears of North American travelers, so get to know them.

Ten seemed too routine, so instead we’re introducing you to 12 travel writers and influencers located in Canadian and the U.S. Start prepping those family-friendly pitches and offer a few unique angles to these journalists and content providers to get your destination on families’ radars this summer.

1. Tarah Chieffi has bylines in USA Today and Yahoo News, and this freelancer never shies away from discussing the best family activities to do across the United States. Theme parks and other attractions should take heed and reach out to Tarah the second there’s some news.

2. Heather Greenwood Davis is a contributing editor at National Geographic and contributes regularly to the Globe and Mail. She accepts story ideas for unique trips, eating, and any other offbeat topics that may appeal to family travelers.

3. Claudia Laroye writes for Canadian and U.S. publications, including travel magazines like AFAR and Travelling Mom. Her stories revolve around outdoor and cultural experiences for families crisscrossing North America.

4. Kate Loweth is the managing editor at Tinybeans, one of the most visited family travel sites out there. The site is a one-stop-shop for family travel, lifestyle, and parenting tips, making it a very friendly ally for your destination to pitch to reach your target family audience.

5. Kirsten Maxwell owns Kids are a Trip blog and is also a contributor to Ciao Bambino!, which helps plan luxury family vacations. In addition to luxury family topics, she’s interested in all sorts of family travel, both domestic and international, for her freelance work.

6. Kyle McCarthy has made the rounds at major outlets like CNN and US News & World Reports. Now, the editor of My Family Travels, she’s bringing travel news and family-friendly ideas to readers online covering student travel, attractions and events.

7. Kim Orlando founded Traveling Mom to share travel inspiration from around the United States. Domestic and road trip destinations from coast to coast can land stories on her site, especially if there is an outdoor or Disney angle in there somewhere.

8. Dave Parfitt is a freelancer for the likes of Lonely Planet and owner of Adventures by Daddy blog. His interests revolve around the U.S. especially outdoor experiences and other unique angles, making him a solid family travel writer to know.

9. Natalie Preddie is a freelancer for a host of Canadian and travel publications, but she’s also an on air expert for some of Canada’s major networks like CTV, CHCH, and BT. Destinations looking for a TV spot now know who to connect with to make it happen.

10. Jody Robbins writes lifestyle and travel content, while also making TV appearances for Canadian media. Her work at outlets like MSN Canada highlights travel, family, wellness, and a range of other topics that makes her a powerful partner to know.

11. Christine Sarkis is a seasoned family travel writer with bylines in travel publications Condé Nast Traveler and USA Today. During the pandemic she founded her own site, Family Vacationist, to share family travel tips with audiences.

12. Mhairri Woodhall is a Canadian freelancer for outlets like the Calgary Herald but also pens articles for Arrivals Family Travel Blog with her husband. Destinations looking to attract family travelers need look no further.

Getting on the radar of these family travel writers will contribute to recovery efforts moving forward. Families – including grandparents – are ready to start spending money to travel again, so be sure not to overlook them!

Wondering how to leverage family travel writers to get your destination buzzing this summer? At DCI, we have more than 60 years of experience working with the media, both traditional and digital. Get in touch with Kayla Leska at [email protected] to learn more about what our marketing and PR agency can do for your destination.