How to Pitch: 7 Top Outdoor Writers To Wrangle

May 12, 2022

As the summer approaches, being outside will be top of mind for most travelers, and having top outdoor writers on your side will be key. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been seeking adventure and natural escapes, and the hunger to be outdoors has hardly abated.

Whether it’s hitting the waves or hiking mountains, or more leisurely paddle boarding adventures and cycling excursions, outdoor travel will be booming in the coming months more than ever. Pent-up demand for travel mixed with summertime weather will mean big things for destinations in both North America and Europe.

Outdoor destinations immediately call to mind nature and environmental issues. Expedia’s latest study into sustainability looked at 11,000 travelers and revealed that 90% are seeking sustainable options – which include using a destination’s natural resources. For outdoor destinations, there is potential to market yourselves not just as a place to commune with nature, but as sustainable choices, helping to capture this market segment that is growing by the day.

The media is looking for these types of stories, so it’s time to deliver.

Start pitching and connecting now with top outdoor writers to ensure that your destination is on travelers’ minds as they start packing their hiking boots and SPF. These seven are some of our favorites that are always on the lookout for the next big outdoor travel story. Connect with them to make sure that your destination is in their next headline.

1. Alicia-Rae Light is a Canadian journalist who has written for Canadian Traveller Magazine and Environment 911, sharing stories about destinations across the globe. She connects with Canadian audiences who care about immersing themselves in nature, and is also open to any story that has a sustainability or eco-friendly edge. 

2. Sierra Bein writes travel and news pieces for Canada’s Globe & Mail, covering issues related to the environment and sustainability. If your destination is providing eco-friendly outdoor activities or positioning itself as a friendly alternative, reach out to Bein for coverage to reach audiences across Canada.

3. Brandon Whitrow writes for big-name publications like The Daily Beast and Business Insider, among others. This top outdoor travel writer focuses on experiences that immerse travelers in nature while also dabbling in conservation and sustainability issues through his excursions. Bring him a story about your destination that’s painted with purpose to get his attention and have him interested to know more.

4. Jared Ranahan has bylines in Forbes and Matador Network, among others, connecting with travel audiences across North America. His interests span sustainability and extreme travel, touching on almost every outdoor experience possible. Send him updates on your destination’s natural escapes, eco-friendly efforts, or luxury green getaways to have your destination on his radar. 

5. Bailey Berg is an associate editor for AFAR and a freelance contributor for Forbes, Thrillist, and many other publications. Whether it’s staying warm in Antarctica or cruising in Alaska, she is always on the lookout for the next engaging travel story. Pitch her outdoor stories that show your destination in a new light or share the latest outdoor news to get a mention in one of her many articles with some of the travel industry’s top publications.

6. Jacqueline Kehoe has traveled the Great Plains and spelunked with the best for stories in Sierra Magazine and Thrillist. Her bylines in America’s top travel sites makes her a powerful ally for destinations looking to be the next big outdoor destination. U.S. destinations will want to pitch her their latest and most interesting ideas to help connect with her audiences.

7. Ali Wunderman writes for travel sections in Forbes and The Guardian. Her byline also appears in travel publications like Lonely Planet, The Points Guy, and Conde Nast Traveler. Based in Montana, she is chasing stories about outdoor travel, whether it’s surfing or road trips. Get her on your roster to connect with a variety of audiences that her writing reaches.

 Looking to position your destination as an outdoor oasis for travelers? DCI has more than 60 years of experience engaging the top outdoor writers, and we’re here to strategize with you. Get in touch with Kayla Leska at [email protected] to learn more about how DCI can help make your destination the next big name in outdoor and adventure travel.