Five Reasons Influencer Marketing Matters In 2024 More Than Ever

January 19, 2024
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Influencer marketing in 2024 is a requisite tool and no longer a nice-to-have add-on — that’s still news for many destination marketers around the world. For destinations who are scratching their heads about what a content creator is and how to develop influencer partnerships, it’s time to snap into the new year and embrace their potential. Social media platforms will continue to be important tools for marketers no matter what trends come and go. 

Let’s be clear, however, that influencer marketing doesn’t replace traditional marketing by any means. Instead, it compliments it and opens up untapped channels and potential. Destinations want to increase their brand awareness, and building successful influencer marketing campaigns in 2024 is the way to do just that.

Need more convincing? These five ways will spell out why your marketing team needs to get on board ASAP.

1. Feed Consumer’s Craving for Authenticity

Influencers — also called content creators — have a genuine and authentic connection with their audience. They are mostly unfiltered, sharing their lives with thousands, sometimes millions of people around the world. Their followers trust them, and their recommendations can feel more relatable than traditional advertising.

By partnering with these creators, you can position your destination brand more organically through the influencer, letting them share your message with their audiences. Work with them to experience your destination and then let them share it with their followers. Their posts and videos resonate more powerfully than any banner ad or billboard.

2. Reach New Audiences Easily

These audiences, importantly, may not be the same ones who are reading or viewing the traditional channels that your destination has been using in the past. The result? You’re tapping into brand new audiences of younger or more niche or more global viewers who will be consuming your destination messaging through an influencer.

Content creators often have a large and engaged following on various platforms from TikTok to Instagram. Moreover, they often specialize in niche topics or cater to specific demographics like Black, Asian, LGBTQ+, handicapped, or adventure travelers. When an influencer endorses a destination, it can have a significant impact on their followers, influencing purchasing decisions.

3. Embrace Cost-Effective Solutions

Do more and spend less. It’s just good business sense. A successful influencer marketing program in 2024 will do just that. Compared to traditional advertising methods, collaborating with content creators is a cost-effective decision. A destination essentially will leverage influencers’ existing platforms and creativity without the need for extensive production costs beyond fees for the partnership to access their audiences.

Content creators are skilled in creating various types of content, including videos, blogs, social media posts and podcasts. This versatility allows brands to reach their target audience through different channels and in formats that resonate with their audience. Consider it more bang for your buck.

4. Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior

Seeing digital ads and consuming traditional media aren’t a given these days. With the rise of ad-blockers and changing consumer behavior, traditional advertising methods may be less effective. Influencer marketing in 2024 offers a subtle and integrated approach that aligns with how people consume content today.

Content creators are skilled at storytelling. They can create compelling narratives around a destination or hotel brand, making the marketing message more engaging and memorable. As consumers spend more time scrolling on social media, it’s mandatory to meet them where they are, and influencers help you do that efficiently.

5. Reap the SEO Benefits

Influencers can contribute to a destination brand’s online presence and search engine optimization (SEO) with their stellar content. Often, creating online content, optimizing it with the right keywords, and pushing it out on social media can only be so impactful. Influencers, however, can take it to the next level.

Their highly visible posts and shared content will improve a brand’s visibility in search engine results, helping your destination when travelers are in the early phase of booking. This is a powerful way to get your DMO’s content distributed to your target travelers.

Looking to expand your influencer marketing options in 2024? Good idea. DCI has more than 60 years of staying on top of destination marketing trends. Contact Daniella Middleton at [email protected] to learn about our agency’s approach to successful content creator partnerships.

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