8 Top Arts and Culture Writers to Pitch in 2023 and Beyond

December 07, 2023
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Curating the right arts and culture writers in 2023 is key to ensuring a destination reaches the right audiences with pitches about museum openings, cultural events, and related story angles. 

Travelers follow their favorite publications and writers because they trust them to deliver the illuminating experiences that will set their trips apart. Connecting with these top arts and culture writers is a strategic step – dare we say, a bright idea – to make your destination’s culture scene part of those illuminations.

Here are some of our favorite arts and culture writers in North America who create the content that makes destinations swoon.

1. Steven Branco

Steven Branco is a multi-talented editor at View the VIBE, WanderEater and Gents Post where he cultivates some top coverage directed towards Canada’s trendy travelers. Whether it’s an angle that speaks to men or is connected to food, fashion, or fine art, Steven is a solid partner to get your destination’s cultural messages out to the right Canadian travelers.


2. Robin Catalano

Robin Catalano has bylines in AFAR, Conde Nast Traveler, Fodor’s, National Geographic, Travel + Leisure and other print and digital publications. She’s all about coastal experiences, outdoor recreation and conservation, food and beverage, cultural traditions and hidden history. Pitch her any and all topics related to a destination’s human culture, just be sure there is a strong news hook!


3. Sarah-Eve Leduc

Sarah-Eve Leduc is an editor at FLANELLE Magazine, is Montreal-based journalist who knows a thing or two about art and culture writing. From design-forward accommodations to art shows and events, she provides destinations with a direct line to Canadian travelers looking to explore beyond the beaten path to uncover the cultural trends and experiences that make your destination tick.


4. Aleesha Harris

Aleesha Harris works on the other side of Canada as an arts and life editor at the Vancouver Sun, where her syndicated coverage on literature, perfume, fashion and design connects with Canadians nationwide. Pitch her local business ideas or artisan creators in your destination to help land coverage that will reach Canadians far beyond just the Vancouver market.


5. Mary Holland

Mary Holland can be found writing for top tier publications like Condé Nast Traveler and Monocle as well as digital outlets including Yahoo and Robb Report. Travel and culture are her mainstains, with a focus on international destinations, fashion-related stories, and luxury angles. Keep her in mind for pitching when a destination is hoping to reach a more affluent traveler or visitors with a specific interest in higher end culture. 


6. Chadd Scott

Chad Scott is based in Florida where he co-hosts a podcast about the state. His arts and culture writing appears in Forbes as well as on his own website, See Great Art. If your destination is planning an artistic festival or if you’re hosting some mind bending exhibit in a local museum, you’ll want to reach out to Chadd with the news ASAP. “Give me as much advance notice as possible,” he told us. “Six months isn’t too far in advance to make me aware of something.”


7. Charu Suri

Charu Suri knows music – and has even been a Grammy voting member! Her work appears in numerous outlets like AFAR, Condé Nast Traveler, and The New York Times. Her reporting covers cultural events and stories beyond just music, so destinations with interesting cross-cultural stories, untold histories, or unique event stories should consider pitching to Charu.


8. Nora Walsh

Nora Walsh, also based in Florida, covers culture and other topics for Robb Report, Condé Nast Traveler, and Travel+Leisure. Her stories go beyond just reporting the newest exhibits, but rather finds the cultural or artistic angles behind all aspects of travel. For example, if your destination has accommodations or transportation options that have engaging stories behind them that have never been told, Nora is the writer to tell them.

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Written by

Laura Cyrille

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