13 Black Travel Influencers to Know in 2024

January 30, 2024
Two Black travel influencers taking photos on the beach at sunset

Black travel influencers are vital partners for destination marketing all year-long. This Black History Month, let’s honor the past by looking to the future with some of social media’s top Black content creators.

Work with them to connect your destination with their audiences in real, honest ways. The Black travel market continues to grow in positive ways, and it’s imperative that your destination be part of supporting that growth and storytelling. These top Black travel influencers are key partners in doing just that.



1. Rene Daniella

Rene rocks travel alongside fashion, beauty, and wellness on her popular Instagram feed. She’s no stranger to destinations around the world and brings her unique video content to the table. Reach out to her with any lifestyle angles your destination can offer.



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2. Nneka Elliott

Nneka is a Canadian content creator who takes a motherly approach to all of her posts. She covers lifestyle and travel, but makes it clear that kids don’t mean you have to put away your passport. Reach out with her to cultivate audiences in the Canadian market who may not have considered your destination.


3.  Jayla Brenae

Jayla has more than half a million followers on Instagram and nearly twice that on TikTok. She has the audiences you want to target. Her travel content is heavy on posts of family experiences, making her a powerful partner to gain attention among Black travelers and all family travelers alike.


4. Eden Hagos

Eden is another Canadian who puts food first in all of her travels. She also runs the influential Instagram account Black Foodie, meaning she’s double the partner for spreading your destination’s culinary messages. Propose a culinary partnership in your destination to reach Canadians who love to eat.


5. Ryan Hinkson

Ryan is behind Toronto’s foodie account Eat Famous – but he discusses cuisine and culture far beyond just Canada. This multi talented content creator and speaker goes wherever the most interesting food stories take him, so entice him with an unforgettable partnership to visit your destination and connect with his sizable audiences.


6. Jeff Jenkins

Jeff is a well-known host on National Geographic TV while cultivating his own 144,000+ following on Instagram. He brings an added level of DEI to his content by discussing travel for larger travelers, helping break down stereotypes and barriers. For destinations who want to promote diversity and accessibility, get in contact with Jeff ASAP.


7. Ciara Johnson

Ciara is a Houston local who did what so many dream of: she quit her job to travel. Now a self-described “solo travel queen,” she’s hitting the road, rails, and runways to experience it all. Her videos and lists are fun, engaging ways to bring audiences closer to your destination messaging, so a partnership with her is a winning solution.


8. Martina and Leslie Johnson

Martina and Leslie are the Atlanta-based lovers who make travel look endlessly romantic. They met on a plane, so it seemed traveling the world was their destiny! Consider partnering with them if your destination has new and exciting romance angles or special experiences that will attract couples. These two will be excellent advocates.


9. Terrell and Jarius Joseph

Terrell and Jarius are husbands and fathers who demonstrate that Black travel influencers are a diverse group beyond just skin color. They are a gateway to help reaching Black and LGBTQ+ travelers alike by tapping into their 393,000+ followers on Instagram. Work with them to help showcase your destination in all of its inclusivity.  



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10. Brian McIntosh

Brian is a Canadian content creator who brings a little swag to his social media accounts. In addition to his posts that capture him living his best life, Brian is a videographer who can provide top-notch video to your destination marketing needs. He is an excellent Black travel influencer to bring into your fold.


11. Francesca Murray

Francesca is a former publicist who traded clients for her own brand, bolstering it on social media to attract audiences interested in lifestyle and travel topics. Wherever she goes, she makes it look good. Partner with her for destination coverage on her blog, One Girl One World, to maximize her potential reach.


12. Jessica Ufuoma

Jessica is a Canadian influencer traveling from Peru to Japan and anywhere in between. Her Instagram feed makes it seem like she only goes to places near blue water, but she dishes on hotels and experiences beyond the beach as well. Destinations who want a surefire way to reach audiences in Toronto and the rest of Canada should reach out today.


13. Joy Nyargem and Hugh Zei

Joy and Hugh are digital creators in Dallas who have built a strong following on Instagram and Threads. They travel all over the United States – but have been spotted further afield as well – and partner with major travel brands all the time to help reach the growing Black travel market.

Looking to connect with Black travel influencers to market your destination more effectively in North America? DCI is your one-stop shop for growing your influencer relations. Get in touch with Nahjdla Seale at [email protected] to learn more.

Written by

Ashley Kotar

Account Manager