DCI's Team

DCI's 90-person staff pose with their arms in the air and big smiles across their faces at the January retreat.
DCIs partner team stand, framed by flowers for a group shot

With a staff of more than 90 talented people, DCI has built the largest assembly of place marketing professionals in the world.

What started as a humble yet ambitious team in 1960’s New York City has grown into a dynamic staff of nearly 100 individuals working from across North America. DCI’s tourism, talent attraction and economic development marketing teams have the skills to create strategic campaigns to attract new business, talent and visitors to your destination.


Andy Levine Chairman
Julie Curtin President, Economic Development Practice
Karyl Leigh Barnes President, Tourism Practice
headshot of Daniella Middletone
Daniella Middleton Partner
Headshot photo of Susan Brake
Susan Brake Partner


Kyle Amann headshot
Kyle Amann Manager, SEM & Media
Rebecca Austin Senior Account Executive
Rachel Barvi Project Manager
Zubaida Bello Assistant Account Executive
headshot photo of Taylor Bensley
Taylor Bensley Account Executive
Headshot photo of Taylor Bologna
Taylor Bologna Senior Account Executive
headshop photo of Brittany Borsanyi
Brittany Borsanyi Senior Director
Elizabeth Borsting Account Manager
Tafari Burns Sales Manager
Siobhan Chretien Senior Director
Jenni Ciesielski Account Executive
Rosemary Conroy headshot
Rosemary Conroy Art Director
Katie Crocilla Manager, SEM & Media
Dariel Curren Executive Vice President
Brent Curry Senior Manager, SEM & Media
Laura Cyrille Account Director
Samantha Dady Senior Specialist, SEM & Media
Rachel Deloffre Vice President, Creative Services
Iman Derrick Tourism Sales Executive
Arunima Dey Manager, SEM & Media
Robyn Domber Senior Vice President, Research
Steve Duncan Managing Director, C Studios
Patience Fairbrother Vice President, Talent Attraction
DeLaney Flatford Senior Account Executive
Richie Gaiser Senior Manager, SEM & Media
Emily Gao Coordinator, SEM & Media
Kevin Gardiner Creative Director
Hanna Gbordzoe Vice President, Digital
Vanessa Gonzalez-Hernandez Account Director
Beatriz Guerrero Senior Account Executive
Sumiti Gupta Director, SEM and Media
Zindzi Hamilton Account Executive
Carla Jaulent Assistant Account Executive
Katarzyna Jezak Senior Account Executive
Tania Kedikian Account Director
Jeremiah Kim headshot
Jeremiah Kim Manager, Digital
Cilia Kohn Director, Digital
Akintayo Kolade Project Manager, Websites
Ashley Kotar Account Manager
Natia Kvachadze Sales Manager
Pamela Laite Director, Business Events
Hannah Lajara Account Executive
Kayla Leska Vice President
Lina Lintemuth Director, Content Marketing
Chezkalyn Lopez Senior Designer
Wendy Macca Director of People & Culture
Nishat Mahjabin headshot
Nishat Mahjabin Assistant, Operations Support
Allie Maniglia Manager, Talent Attraction
Elisa Marongiu Sales Executive
Maddie McNamee Marketing Specialist
Shanleigh McStay Director, Digital Strategy
Carolina Meneses headshot
Carolina Meneses Destination Marketer
headshot photo of Drisha Mishra
Drisha Mishra Assistant Account Executive
Nkechi Mitchell Sales Manager
Helen Monks headshot
Helen Monks Destination Marketer
Nancy Otten Talent Scout
Symeria Palmer Account Director
Kala Parkinson Assistant Account Executive
Chiara Peretti Account Director
Lidia Pineda Assistant Account Executive
Sarah Reinecke Vice President
Nick Reshan Account Director
Efrain Rivera Account Director
Anna Rossetto Account Executive
Gabi Sandler Senior Account Executive
photo of Sophia Schenk
Sophia Schenk Mendez Destination Marketer
Isabella Schincariol headshot
Isabella Schincariol Coordinator, Digital 
Carly Steele Johnson Senior Director, SEM & Media
Merissa Stephen Specialist, SEM & Media
Caitlin Teare Vice President, Public Relations
Natalia Ucrós Leon Account Executive
Karen Villa Sales Executive
Payton Walker headshot
Payton Walker Research Associate
Intisar Wilson headshot
Intisar Wilson Director, Operations Support
Ayana Young Account Director

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