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Crafting Collateral that Kicks @$$!

Don’t be afraid to do something fun. When marketing your community or organization, you are competing with scores of others trying to do the same thing. Some think that collateral is dead in the digital age, but it can be an enormous asset if done well because of the novelty of increasingly scarce tactile experiences. Let’s dive in to see just how you can stand apart.

It’s Hip to Be Square.

Using an atypical shape or size is something that will set you apart from the rest. Check out this gorgeous square piece we created for our Upstate South Carolina client.


Infographics are So Hot Right Now!

Okay, so they’ve actually been a big deal for a while now, but infographics are an incredibly effective way of communicating your message (as I discuss here). People love big numbers and icons, and it’s a great way to make an exciting piece that is engaging.


Interactive Isn’t Only for Digital

Create a piece that has surprises or reveals. This can be a flap that opens to reveal a fun fact or even just a card that’s inserted with additional information. If you want to take it into the digital realm, go a step further with a QR code or a link to a special section on the site just for them. The more you make your collateral feel like an experience or even a mystery the reader is unravelling, the more likely you are to pique their interest.


Find a Hero

Give the reader someone to identify with. Whenever possible, use high-quality photographs of people where one person or a few people are the focal point.


Dynamic Layouts

A great way to shake things up is to create dynamic layouts. Rather than do something straight-forward and stale, design a compositional through-line that winds through your piece so that their eye goes on a journey.


Don’t Skimp on Quality. Create Something Irresistible.

If you’re going to the trouble to create collateral, go to the trouble to create beautiful collateral. It will be worth the investment. You want the recipient to see your piece and feel compelled to learn more…even it’s something they didn’t think they would be interested in. When you skimp on quality you go right into the recycling bin. When you create something stunning, they’ll ask their friend to “take a look at this.”

Written By

Luther Mosher

Before joining to DCI in 2015, Luther had more than five years of experience working as a graphic designer creating brand identities, concept art and presentation design for companies ranging from start ups to established Fortune 500 companies. Luther graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Cartooning and Illustration. His experience lends itself to creating work that borrows from his knowledge of visual storytelling and dynamic composition.

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