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Embracing The Freelancer Model: The Decentralization of Content Creation


Film production and design firms have followed the freelancer model for many years. In the next five years, we will see more organizations reduce human resources to the barest minimum and adopt the freelancer model. The “swarm resourcing” model will allow publishers and outlets to dial up and dial down staffing as needed while reducing overhead costs. We’re already seeing this happen within the travel journalism industry as roles change in publishing houses and communication roles evolve.

Across the media landscape, freelance writers are being tapped to contribute to national outlets to keep costs and travel times minimal. This shift is expected to become the norm across most national magazines and newspapers.



While there are benefits to companies that use this method of staffing, including cost savings and flexibility on the types of coverage to source, a downside to this model is the homogenization of content. Joseph Diaz, co-founder of Afar, notes that this is something that publishers will need to consider when using freelancers who also work with their competitors.

In this evolved work environment, relationships are king. It will be more important than ever to have a consistent PR team who has meaningful relationships with key media contacts, from publishers to editors to freelancers to digital media contributors.

So, what does this mean for destination communicators?

The PR Roadmap on the Road to 2023:

  • Review freelancers and outlets they contribute to on a semiannual basis to maintain accuracy.
  • Deploy local freelancers for brief field trips throughout your destination to garner coverage for national outlets.
  • Customize content you provide and plan media trips to address specific content that freelancers need, while also making sure they receive general destination news in case they are given the opportunity to write for new and different outlets.


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