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2017’s Social Superstars of Economic Development


Uncovering the Top States on Social Media

Social media is one of today’s most powerful toolkits for economic development marketing. In fact, DCI research shows that 98 percent of economic development organizations (EDOs) are active on more than one social media account, proving its increasing significance.

But which states are utilizing their platforms the best? Using today’s most important performance indicators, DCI analyzed state EDOs to determine the nation’s top winner in each social media category, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Tennessee Scores Top on Facebook

Tennessee Post

The Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development goes above and beyond on Facebook. Not only is their content visually branded to match their trademark “Mastered in Tennessee,” but it’s also valuable. The state regularly posts statistics, infographics and articles which explore Tennessee’s unique value proposition. However, success on Facebook requires engagement too. Tennessee scores the number one spot thanks to their commitment to engaging with fans, who in turn share posts with their own follower networks.

Spelling Success on Twitter: Mississippi

With more than 21,000 followers on Twitter, Mississippi Development Authority is clearly on track for social media success. Followers aside, the state’s win is also attributed to their highly-engaged audience, which amplifies their message through regular retweets. How does Mississippi achieve this level of engagement? The state tweets a variety of content to keep audiences on their toes and tags relevant partners, further driving users to re-share and increasing the reach of the messaging to their partners’ networks.

South Carolina ‘Grams for the Prize

DCI research shows that almost 75 percent of statewide EDOs are not active on Instagram, a platform that is growing in business popularity and is a valuable tool for talent attraction marketing. South Carolina’s Department of Commerce stays ahead of the curve by maintaining a constant influx of Instagram posts, from project ribbon cuttings to industry infographics. They also have a large number of dedicated followers. However, as more EDOs dive into Instagram, expect the filters and competition to start heating up.

Michigan Visualizes Success on YouTube

With some of the highest number of video views in the country, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation comes out on top on YouTube, an important social media channel for increasing digital search engine rankings (SEO.) Michigan’s win is also attributed to their large number of high-quality videos, which appeal to different audiences, including businesses, talent and more. Videos are further categorized into user-friendly playlists, streamlining audience interests.

Don’t see your state on the list? Fear not! For many economic developers, it can be difficult to stay on top of the complex and ever-changing realm of social media.  To see the full list of economic development social superstars and get insight into today’s digital best practices, download a copy of DCI’s Uncovering Social Media Success in Economic Development.

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Kaitlin Lapka

Kaitlin Lapka is an Account Executive at DCI. Since joining DCI in 2016, she has worked for places of all sizes, from country to county, including the Netherlands, Texas, New Hampshire, Auckland, New Zealand and Dutchess County, New York.

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