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Getting “Ink” Today: A Focus on the Top Online Business News Outlets

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Online journalism started gaining popularity in the early 2000’s, and as technology use continues to grow, digital sources of business media are becoming increasingly popular – often even more so than print. For example, the New York Times experienced more than 13 percent growth in digital circulation in 2014, at the same time print circulation declined. This shows a shift in business consumer preference in favor of receiving news digitally, something we all presume in our gut but also know based on data.  Here’s a brief look at some of DCI’s most preferred online business news outlets, which we think should be on the top of all economic development media pitch lists.

The majority of CNNMoney’s 19 million monthly readers not only works in the financial services industry, but are also 84 percent more likely than the average online user to be a C-level executive, which brands this website as a truly top-tier business news outlet. With an emphasis on including photos, these stories are shared at a high rate and make for great viral content to share over social media.

With more than 41 million unique views each month, 9.86 million Twitter followers, and a deep pool of essential business insight and coaching, Forbes online is an obvious top-tier choice for pitching. Forbes’ digital platform has paved the way for the online model of content creation – hosting both staff written and contributor content. Contributors are typically thought leaders and experts in their respective fields, offering unique value and relevancy to Forbes’ story content. Staff writer content is often more traditional in its reporting, offering multiple perspectives on one topic, and a non-biased point of view – so we try to work with full-time staffers before working with contributors. Their content also often receives more views, which you can see on every Forbes online article. Page Views

While Inc.’s unique monthly visitors (15.8 million) might not be as high as Forbes, this small business-targeted publication still has a lot to brag about. Inc.’s focus on the private sector sets them apart from other business news outlets. It also enables them to attract a younger demographic (median age 36.7), which is not typical of many major business publications. Inc. has been called a “splashy and relevant title, positioning itself as a magazine that speaks to Silicon Valley startup culture and those aspiring to join its ranks.” Now, that’s an audience we want to reach.

Launched in 2007, Business Insider is a leading source for business news with more than 26.8 million visitors to their site each month and 1.8 billion monthly video views. Their rapidly growing social network, with 25 million followers across their platforms, extends the publication’s reach even further than that.. In fact, international readers account for 24 percent of the outlet’s audience, making it a highly accessible publication for our globalized world.

With a significant emphasis on social media, Mashable has earned a position as a top digital outlet – both in the business realm and well beyond. This site reaches a sizeable audience of 13.2 million unique views each month through coverage of business, tech and entertainment. Its ability to reach women, who make up 45 percent of the audience, is also a defining feature that we love. It’s business content is savvy and digestible. It ranges from coverage of  large corporate moves to small startup issues, making us fond of pitching their team with our diverse economic development story ideas.

Which digital outlets do you gravitate to? Any that you would add to this list? Let us know if a comment below or tweet us @aboutdci.

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