This Just In: AdWeek Highlights DMOs That Partner With Social Influencers for Big Results

August 13, 2014

follow your nola2 Unlike regular consumer products, selling travel is the art of converting sales for an intangible collection of experiences. What’s more, these targeted consumers need to journey away from their home to obtain the value of their purchase, providing an added challenge for destination marketers to overcome. Social media has allowed destination marketers an engaging channel to entice potential travelers by harnessing the power of virtual word-of-mouth. DMOs have found success developing creative socially driven campaigns to engage and attract visitors. For example, The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board’s “What’s Your L.A. Story?” campaign, showcases the city in 15-second video vignettes, highlighting true visitor stories such as a father and son visiting the venue where The Doors debuted. Instagram Influencers were also courted to visit the destination and tag  posted photos with #LAStory. This accounted for half the campaign’s 25 million social media impressions. New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. used a similar tactic with their “Follow Your NOLA,” inviting a dozen digital story tellers to the city. To date, the “Follow Your NOLA” campaign has generated 600 million total impressions and drove a 20 percent increase in traffic to For the full article, click here. 

Written by Malcolm Griffiths

Malcolm is Vice President in Development Counsellors International’s Tourism Practice. Since joining DCI from Tourism Australia in 2003, he has developed creative marketing and public relations campaigns to communicate travel experiences for destinations spanning the globe, from California to Sweden, Miami to Tasmania.

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