Five Great Quotes from Site Selection Consultants

July 28, 2014

Last week, Consultant Connect held its third Summit of the year, bringing 17 site selection consultants together with eight economic developers in Chicago.

I went through my notes on the flight home and picked out five quotes from the roundtable discussions that really stood out as great advice for the economic development profession. I’m paraphrasing some of these as my pen wasn’t quite as fast as needed:

Eric Stavriotis “If I were running an 18 person economic development office, and I couldn’t get more budget, I’d take all the funds we had and hire more seasoned, sophisticated professionals. Even if that meant trimming the department down from 18 to, say, 12. Whatever the number we could afford, I would pay them really well and run it more like a SWAT team. We have seen smaller but more seasoned economic development organizations achieve more than larger groups that lack sophisticated professionals. Quality is winning out over brute force.”
– Eric Stavriotis, Senior Vice President, CBRE
scott kupperman “Take a hard look at the talent within your community. I’d encourage economic development groups to figure out and then clearly articulate what your workforce is really good at. You can’t be good at everything.”
– Scott Kupperman, Founder, Kupperman Location Solutions
brad migdal “Move at the speed of business. If we ask a question with a reasonable deadline, we expect a response in that timeframe. Otherwise I’m putting a zero in that column.”
-Brad Migdal, Executive Managing Director, Transwestern
Jim-Robey-blue-background “Know the difference between dirt and a site.”
– Jim Robey, Managing Director, Mohr Partners, Inc.
melissa nebelsick “Always be a person of your word. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.”
– Melissa Nebelsick, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP

Finally, there was one overwhelming theme that came through over the course of the two-day session that might be summarized in two words: “Be Responsive.”  In other words, return calls in a timely manner, deliver what’s asked for and generally build relationships of trust with the consultant community.

We are looking forward to Consultant Connect’s next Summit in New York City on October 9-10.


Written by Andy Levine

Andy Levine is Chairman of DCI. Since joining DCI in 1991, he has worked with a broad range of places from “A” (Alabama, Asheville, Australia) to “W” (Wales, Wichita Falls, Wyoming).

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