New Travel Trend: ‘Hail Mary-Moon’

August 28, 2013

Hail Mary MoonCouples on the brink of a breakup are using a literal “last resort” to save their relationship – travel.  And while The New York Times  claimed naming rights to the trend, now that it’s been named, it seems like everyone these days knows someone who has tried the “Hail Mary-Moon.” We’re not sure what Dr. Phil has to say about couples using a getaway as a final attempt to save or reinvigorate their relationship, but as ambassadors for travel and romantics at heart, we tip our sun-hats to those that try. Click here to learn more.

Written by Malcolm Griffiths

Malcolm is Vice President in Development Counsellors International’s Tourism Practice. Since joining DCI from Tourism Australia in 2003, he has developed creative marketing and public relations campaigns to communicate travel experiences for destinations spanning the globe, from California to Sweden, Miami to Tasmania.

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