Chile Hits The Open North American Road

“ANTARCTICA XXI participated in DCI’s 2014 Chile Roadshow. The DCI team was great to work with… As a result of this event, we have been able to pursue new industry leads….”

Francesco Contini, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ANTARCTICA XXI


The Challenge

Establish a forum for Turismo Chile’s tourism industry partners to effectively engage with travel agents, tour operators, media and digital influencers.


The DCI Strategy

To ensure that Chile’s tourism industry partners met key North American influencers, DCI launched a four-city roadshow to Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago and New York.


The Results

  • 15 Turismo Chile partners engaged face-to-face with 288 members of the travel trade industry and 42 media and digital influencers.
  • Participants in the roadshow ranked it as the top North American marketing activity for the year.
  • Since the roadshow, travel agent enrollment into the Chile Travel Agent Specialist program increased 199% and graduations increased by 28%.
  • 2 tour operators expanded their Chile offerings within 2 months of the roadshow.
  • 7 journalists and digital thought leaders were secured for media visits within 2 months of the roadshow.