Curtin Call: January 2024

January 31, 2024
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If you are like me—and so many of our busy economic development peers—each month is filled with work travel, team meetings, and life commitments that cause us to miss some of the best bits of industry content published each month. 

But fear not. Throughout 2024 I will post the month’s Curtin Call (see what I did there?), a recap of content worthy of one more time in the spotlight. 

While DCI publishes our own bespoke content about top economic development research and takeaways from talent gatherings, there is always so much additional content published in the background that hits my radar.

Give these outlets, content creators, researchers and thought leaders one last round of applause for content worthy of an encore.

1. On Changing Migration

New Geography published an important piece by Joel Kotkin on the changing patterns of America’s sprawl. Among other accolades, Kotkin authored The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class. His thoughts are pivotal to understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the United States and its population migration.

In the article, he points to the rise of suburbia and the increased interest in lower cost and oftentimes more conservative regions of the nation. See what he has to say to understand how these trends affect your economic development and talent attraction marketing strategies.

You can read more about Joel Kotkin following our collaboration on a 2024 course in this blog post.

2. On Big Ideas

LinkedIn News featured 34 big ideas that will change our world in 2024. If the first one doesn’t catch your eyes—that living to 100 will become less rare—then maybe number 29— forecasting that Mexico will emerge triumphant as companies seek to reduce costs, navigate supply chain issues, and bring production closer to home—will. 

These ideas cover everything from geopolitical trends and sustainability to investments and work culture. Curious as to the predicted future of coffee cups, U.S. real estate, women’s sports, and air travel?  Feeling a sense of FOBO (see number 14, fear of becoming obsolete)? Be sure to check in with these 34 big ideas.

3. On Population Trends released new findings that population trends are returning to numbers resembling those before the pandemic upended our lives. The research highlighted that the United States added 1.6 million people during 2023, growing by 0.5% to 334,914,895. Findings also show that more states experienced population growth in 2023 than any year since the onset of COVID-19.

For economic development and talent attraction marketers, these numbers should be on your radar. These growth trends will help guide your strategies moving forward, especially if you’re in one of these growth states.

4. On Growing Roles

Also on LinkedIn News, a recent article discussed the 25 fastest growing roles in the United States. Some, like Artificial Intelligence Consultant or Sustainability Analysts come with little surprise. Others, though, like Physical Therapist or Recruiter, may not have been on your radar.

See what these growing roles are to understand how they can play a part in your talent attraction efforts moving forward. Understand how your key industries align with any or all of these roles so that you can work to attract the talent that is seeking this list of 25 roles.

5. On Tech Spread

Brookings shared its findings that tech jobs are spreading out beyond traditional hubs. While you may have assumed this was happening, now there is data to support your hunches.

Recent statistics show that, for the first time, the digital ecosystem is moving en masse beyond the Bay Area. So-called rising star cities like Dallas, Denver, Miami, and Salt Lake City are rivaling traditional hubs like Boston and San Francisco, challenging the tech industry to take stock of how it operates—and where its talent lives.

Looking to apply some of these ideas and reports to your economic development and talent attraction marketing efforts? Get in touch with Julie Curtin at [email protected] to learn more about partnering with our agency. Tap into more than 60 years of economic development expertise to position your community for investment and talent attraction. 

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