A Review of the Most Popular Business Location Rankings


World Rankings

In the world of attracting foreign direct investment and economic development, rankings matter. For countries, rankings impact perceptions of a country as a place to do business, which in turn could influence investment decisions. In DCI’s latest and final report for 2017 – “Best Countries for Business: An In-Depth Look at Rankings” – we take a close look at several rankings that rate countries and their business climate.



In this report, DCI aimed to:

  • Identify the 10 most influential “best countries for business” type of rankings.
  • Create the first-ever rankings aggregator to produce the “Best Countries for Business Mega Ranking” by balancing the findings of the top 10 rankings into a single ranking.
  • Take you behind the curtain to meet some of the men and women who crunch the numbers and produce these rankings.
  • Share a guide to each of the top 10 rankings that we had identified for this report.

We hope the findings and information from this report will serve as a resource for countries and investment promotion agencies.