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Talent Attraction Research 2017:
What People Look for in Jobs and Locations

Searching for a job is now easier than ever thanks to technology—millions of opportunities across multiple locations are posted online every day. This easy access paired with some of the lowest unemployment rates the U.S. has seen in the past decade, however, means that economic development organizations face fierce competition to attract and retain talent in their regions.

DCI’s latest U.S. Talent Attraction Research Report surveyed more than 1,000 working individuals to understand what they look for in a job and a community—and what factors will seal the deal when they’re considering relocating for a new job opportunity. Nearly half of our respondents say they are somewhat or extremely likely to relocate for a new job opportunity in the next five years. How can cities, states and regions make a lasting impression on job seekers? By crafting messages that both reach and resonate with what matters most to them.

This report reveals what factors the workforce considers first when it comes to job searching and relocation. From work-life balance to compensation and benefits, cities and regions can profit from understanding the hierarchy of needs when it comes to marketing their communities to talent.

Download the report to see what the survey respondents said are the most important job benefits, top factors behind relocation decisions, what makes a first impression of a location and more.

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Talent Wars

See what factors the workforce considers first when it comes to job searching and relocation.

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