General Data Protection Regulation

Europe’s New Privacy Standard

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General Data Protection Regulation, Europe’s New Privacy Standard

You may have received a host of emails in recent weeks from various marketing tech companies associated with your CRM, email, advertising and automation platforms talking about some jumble of letters called GDPR. If you’re a European organization, you’re likely on top of things. However, if you’re not and you’ve ignored all the alerts until now, we’d recommend that you start paying attention. This is a set of rules that impacts nearly everyone in economic development worldwide, and the new requirements go into effect on May 25th (with steep penalties for violators).

To help you figure out what GDPR is and what to do about it, we’ve developed this simple two-page document to brief you on the most relevant points of GDPR. We’ve also included links to several popular tech companies that many economic development organizations use (and if yours isn’t on there, a Google search will surely find it for you). All of this should prompt a discussion within your organization across marketing, business development and IT to ensure you’re in compliance.

If you have questions on GDPR or digital marketing in general, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help (or at least point you in the right direction).

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive resource and we suggest you consult professional legal guidance to ensure your organization is in compliance. DCI is not liable for any violations incurred by other organizations.

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