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EDO Digital Advertising Must-Dos in 2019

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8 Digital Advertising Tips for Economic Development Marketing

Most EDOs don’t know where to begin when it comes to economic development marketing in the digital space. And when evaluating the digital advertising that their competitors are doing, they’re not receiving the best guidance: Messaging is off the mark; targeting is off the rails; measurement and strategy is off-the-charts awful. No wonder most places are off the radar of the very people they’re trying to reach.

So how do we fix it? In this ebook, we outline eight practical ways to make your economic development digital advertising efforts work toward your organization’s business objectives—namely, generating inquiries. From content and strategy to targeting and measurement, we’ll outline key topics that can change the way you approach not only your paid media programs, but hopefully the rest of your marketing as well. Enjoy this deep dive that’s sure to help your marketing dollars work in your favor.

A Sneak Peak at Some Key Questions Answered:

  • What types of content are the most influential for C-Suite executives evaluating location decisions?
  • Which audiences should EDOs focus their digital advertising budgets towards, and what audiences are NOT a good use of ad spend?
  • Which digital channels are most effective for generating broad awareness vs generating targeted leads?
  • How should landing pages be optimized to generate strong, meaningful engagement from users coming in through digital ads?
  • What metrics are important in measuring the success of a digital campaign?
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8 to Elevate EDO Digital Advertising Must-Dos in 2019

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