Canada’s Business Climate

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U.S. Executives’ Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate: A View from the Lower 48

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important driver of economic growth. As Canada looks to grow its share of FDI in an increasingly competitive environment, it must effectively market its assets to a key business audience – corporate executives and site selection consultants located in the United States. Understanding how this audience views Canada’s business climate and the country as a whole is a critical first step.

Now in its second edition, Development Counsellors International’s report “U.S. Executives Perceptions of Canada’s Business Climate: A View from the Lower 48” provides an analysis of survey findings collected from 188 U.S.-based decision makers on how they view the country, its provinces and its major metro areas as a business location. This information is a valuable tool for Canadian economic development organizations as they look to market their locations to U.S. corporate executives and their advisors.

As Canada looks to strengthen and expand its share of FDI, this report provides a snapshot of which provinces are perceived to have the best business climates by U.S. executives, the most useful marketing tactics, key factors in location decisions and more.

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Canada’s Business Climate

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