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Best Practices in Travel Trade Marketing

This study provides destinations, and the organizations that represent them, with insight into which marketing tactics are most likely to impact a travel advisor’s ability to sell a destination to its clients. The findings of this research study will help to educate destination organizations on how best to allocate their marketing budgets and work with travel advisors to convert destination sales.

Development Counsellors International (DCI), in partnership with Travel Relations LLC, conducted a study among 1,705 travel advisors across the U.S. and Canada.


  • Knowledge is Power: While the potential for increasing sales is ultimately the end goal, travel advisors are most concerned with building foundational knowledge of destinations. You’ll learn which is most important in this process – travel advisor specialist programs, well-designed webinars or FAM trips.
  • Make Sure Your Front (Digital) Door is Open: If an advisor does not have firsthand experience with a destination, the tourism board’s website will often provide a first introduction and will greatly influence perceptions of the destination’s ability to meet a client’s needs. You’ll learn what your website must have to meet travel advisors’ needs.
  • Time (and Money) is of the Essence: Travel advisors want to maximize the return on investment of their time and financial resources. You’ll learn how long training webinars, events and fam trips should be in order to maximize engagements.

This study provides destination marketing organizations with the proof-points they need to customize their travel trade marketing programs in North America.

Have a question about this study or other custom research? Reach out to Robyn Domber at [email protected].

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