About Tania Kedikian


Tania brings her experience in radio broadcasting and nonprofit public relations to the DCI team. From promotions and events with Bell Media to international film organization TIFF, Tania’s experiences have deepened her understanding of communication strategies and how to target the right audience for a brand.

She holds a post-graduate certification in public relations and corporate communications, a diploma in broadcasting radio from Seneca College and a degree in communication studies from York University.

Tania’s Passion for Places

Tania grew up in the Greater Toronto area. She credits her immigrant parents, with Italian and Armenian backgrounds, for cultivating her interest in the many places of the world and their food, entertainment, and people. Tania has spent considerable time in the Caribbean; her favorite destination is Jamaica, which she visits at least once a year to see friends and family in Kingston.

Notable Results

  • On behalf of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., Tania led a national media campaign promoting the tourism board’s various festivals, including Barbados on the Water, Food & Rum Festival and Run Barbados. The campaign resulted in broadcast segments on “CP24,” “CHCH Morning Live” and “CTV Ottawa Morning Live,” garnering 25 million media impressions.
  • In support of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Tania helped execute a press conference with a trade and media activation in Toronto. She coordinated more than 22 media attendees and 120 trade professionals, resulting in multiple top-tier media placements and national brand awareness in the Canadian market.
  • Tania assisted with event planning and media outreach for the successful execution of a national roadshow on behalf of Visit California. She completed 13 events during a five-day period, meeting with 87 media professionals across Canada.
Tania Kedikian at play

Up Close

Tania enjoys being one subway stop away from city life – she lives in the midtown area of Toronto, where she can still get a great view of tall buildings and green parks. Dogs, house plants and the beach are the three things she can’t live without (well, maybe pizza, too).

Where You’ll Find Tania on the Weekend

Wherever the best coffee is served is where Tania will be. She also enjoys checking out the latest art shows in Toronto and taking in the beautiful city views.

Places Tania has called Home

Oakville, Ontario

Woodbridge, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Surprising Facts about Tania

Lyric Whiz: Tania has an ear for all types of music, and can recall pretty much any lyric from any song from the 1950s onward.

Extracurricular Enthusiast: As the vice president and director of social media for the Communication Studies Students’ Association during her undergrad years at York University, Tania initiated several projects, most notably a gala that brought communication professionals and students together for an evening of networking. During her study of broadcasting radio at Seneca College, Tania was the co-director of Say Radio, where she led the campus radio station for a year and increased listenership by 20 percent.

Mario Kart Aficionado: Just try to take Tania’s first-place trophy in the game. But you’ll probably lose. (This, she explains, is what happens when you grow up with two older — and highly competitive — brothers.)