A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Steve joined Development Counsellors International in 2004 as a member of the economic development marketing team. After nearly 10 years of developing and executing various clients’ marketing plans, and placing them in high-level business publications, he moved into the role of Director of Lead Generation in 2014. Steve now leads a team of professionals who utilize in-depth research and a relentless attitude to bring our clients face-to-face with business decision-makers. Once a part of DCI’s New York team, he currently resides in Denver.

Steve’s Passion for Places

Though a bit “sheltered” in his youth, Steve developed his passion for places upon visiting New York City for the first time. Witnessing the exciting world that existed beyond the borders of his living situation at the time, he decided to start seeing everything and anything that he could – within the limits of his wallet and work schedule, of course. You’ll often find him extending client trips to the weekends to take advantage of the new places and experiences that await.

Notable Results

  • Steve has overseen successful lead generation campaigns for such diverse organizations such as USVI Economic Development Authority, Japan External Trade Organization, Choose New Jersey, Greater MSP, McKinney Economic Development Corporation, and MIRA Technology Park (UK), to name a few.
  • He partnered with Global Finance Magazine to conduct a survey of North American executives and their perceptions of Europe’s business climate. He authored the report, called “An Executive Perception of Europe.”
  • He has spoken at industry and state conferences on the topic of entrepreneurship and economic development marketing.
  • His current work includes the launch of an innovative new business development service called web-to-leads, which uses marketing technology to identify company’s visiting an EDOs website, and then contact those companies to explore project opportunities.










Steve Duncan at play

Up Close

Three things in this world make Steve tick: food, travel and sports…in no particular order. In fact, mixed together, they make the best of combinations. For food, there is nothing Steve craves more than pizza margherita from the heart of Naples, though he’ll certainly try just about anything. Speaking of Naples, Italy tops the charts for a relaxing getaway. For sports, this Penn State grad is a diehard Notre Dame fan at heart, much to the chagrin of several of his Nittany Lion colleagues.

Where You’ll Find Steve on a Sunny Day

Chances are, he’ll be doing something active. Whether it’s playing basketball, softball or football; going for a hike in a national park; or training for a triathlon (small ones, not big ones), Steve likes to keep moving. Then again, there’s always a slim possibility that he’ll be napping at the beach – exercising the spirit, so to speak.

Places that Steve has Called Home

Albany, New York

Detroit, Michigan

State College, Pennsylvania

New York, New York

Denver, Colorado

Surprising Facts about Steve

A Softer Side of Steve
Though Steve’s main interests – full-contact sports and messy food – may paint a “certain” stereotype, he also appreciates the arts. When not entertained by the passions mentioned above, you might find him at an art museum, snapping his own amateur photos, enjoying historic architecture or catching some live music.

52 Reasons 2007 Was Different
Steve got a late start on life – no international trips (minus Canada) until 25; he didn’t try Chinese food until 21; didn’t explore his seafood palate before 23; etc. These life-changing experiences were the inspiration behind his 2007 New Year’s Resolution – try at least one new thing (food, experience, etc.) each week of the year. He maintained that resolution by learning to ski in the Rockies, hiking Yosemite National Park, trying Ethiopian food and visiting Peru, among many others. To this day, when faced with trying something new, Steve finds saying “yes” is a whole lot easier.

Super Bowl-er
Steve has a bionic thumb (or at least he thinks he does) that he developed over the years after a football injury. He has since not been able to bowl less than a 150, and often finds himself in the 170s or higher. He’s even eclipsed 200 four times. All this despite not really knowing what he’s doing. He just kind of swings his arm and the bionic thumb makes good things happen.