About Sierra Baldwin


Sierra joined DCI in 2016 with experience in PR, marketing and communications tactics at a variety of nonprofits and community event centers. Her experience working overseas allows her to connect with people from a range of backgrounds and use creative thinking to solve complex problems on the fly. She earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

Sierra’s Passion for Places

A semester abroad in Santiago, Chile inspired Sierra to learn more about cultural, political and societal practices in developing countries. After graduating, she followed her curiosity to Thailand and set up home-base in Chiang Mai, which allowed her to spend extended periods of time in neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. In 2014, she returned to Chile, worked as a self-employed business ESL consultant, and visited Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Peru in her free time.

Notable Results

  • Sierra has played an integral role in identifying and developing relevant pitches for clients, and has secured more than a dozen placements in prominent outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Paste Magazine, The Daily Meal, Forbes, The Journal of Commerce, and The Verge.
  • On the behalf of Sioux Falls Development Foundation, Sierra secured and coordinated 11 one-on-one meetings with site selectors during a weeklong mission to New York and Chicago.
  • Sierra has planned and executed several individual lifestyle reporter visits to a variety of client regions, including Wake County, North Carolina and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in which she oversaw reporter travel logistics and assisted with arranging itineraries showcasing the newest culinary hotspots, cultural districts and entrepreneurial ventures in each city.
Sierra Baldwin at play

Up Close

Sierra loves the thrill of traveling to unfamiliar places, meeting new people and discovering local hotspots for live music and food. Her friends often joke that if you were to blindfold and airdrop her into any foreign city, she would make herself comfortable and call it home.

Where you’ll Find Sierra on the Weekend

If she’s not practicing vinyasas at the yoga studio or blazing one of the many beautiful hiking trails that Colorado has to offer, you’ll find Sierra relaxing in a park with a good book or scoping out a live music event with great friends.

Places Sierra has Called Home

Portland, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Santiago, Chile

Denver, Colorado

Surprising Facts about Sierra

Social Justice Devotee: Life overseas opened Sierra’s eyes to the social idiosyncrasies of underdeveloped societies and ignited her passion for volunteering whenever possible. She believes that she has the power to create a positive change in the world — even if it’s just one person at a time.

PR Girl: Sierra sustained a high level of involvement with student-run organizations during her college career. She served as Vice President of PRSSA, PR Director of Flux Magazine, and Account Executive at Allen Hall Public Relations, and in doing so, quickly became known as “PR Girl” among her friends and peers at the School of Journalism and Communication.

Classic Rocker: Sierra’s fondest childhood memory is getting her face painted, jamming out to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and chasing her brother around general admission during a live show at the Shoreline Amphitheater in California.